Hello! I am Madeleine K. and I am a Community Studies major at UC Santa Cruz as well as a business owner. I have an Etsy shop (which you can read about on the Good Vibrations Vintage tab of my blog) that you are welcome to stop by any time you like :)

I strongly value justice, for the planet and for all people. I hope to spend the rest of my life working in various activist channels to achieve this end, and make the world, and life, better for other people. I write a lot about this, but also about my personal experiences, experiments, and just general journey on the road of life. This means topics range on here from capitalism and white privilege to time management and self-care. In a way, this is kind of what a magazine completely constructed out of my personal experiences would look like. It functions as a brain dump but also a place for me to understand things and mull them over as I write about them and try to explain them to you.

I am also really interested in what you would like to read about, so if you have any post ideas or tips on what you want to hear from me, let me know!

I am also really friendly, and I love doing new things and hearing from new people, so if you ever have an idea for a collaboration or you want to write a guest for my blog or vice versa, just hit me up :)