Thursday, April 16, 2015

Create the Life of Your Dreams: Express Yourself

      Today I'm going to talk about one of the best ways to explore life and figure out who you are: by expressing yourself! Man, self-love is just looking better and better! We've already learned how expressing your weird and radical self is a way to smash the capitalist patriarchy. Now we're going to see how expressing yourself to the your greatest heights and following your heart is quite possibly the best way to move through life, both for you and everyone around you! Let us embark:

      Expressing yourself as deeply and fully as you can will get you where you want to go, accompanied by the kind of people you want to be with. How can this be true? Well, when you express yourself fully and completely, this means you will speak and act your truth. Your truth is who you really are. what you really think, feel, care about, etc. 

     To apply this to a situation, let's say that you're in the company of someone who you have recently met and who you are romantically interested in. You're talking to them and you suddenly see that they are pretty sexist. You are a radical being and you are not about to let the patriarchy win. But you like the person. What are you going to do? You have two options. Let it go or speak the truth. If you let it go, and you keep on doing so, you may wind up in a relationship with some sexist bozo. Ouch. If you speak your truth either to the other person or just to yourself, you might get into an argument or end your relationship with that person, but trust me, you are much better off without a sexist partner as your significant other. 

    Speaking your truth about what you really want and who you really like and how you truly feel will help you avoid situations that don't serve you and that you are not interested in. It will also help you find the situations that you are interested in! 

     For example, let's say that you have heard about an organization in your community that you are really interested in but haven't had time or the courage to go and visit/volunteer for. But let's say that one day you decide to act on your truth, meaning you go to the organization and get involved! Yay! Because you are doing this thing that you are really interested in, you will be exposed to all kinds of new concepts related to whatever it is you are interested in. You will learn a lot! You'll get exposed to lots of opportunities related to what you're interested in which can take you to all kinds of wonderful places, geographically and spiritually. You will also meet a bunch of people who have something in common with you since they are affiliated with that organization. You'll make friends and social networks! Following your heart by fully expressing and following your desires will facilitate all kinds of personal growth as well, which means you will learn more about who you are along your way. All of these positive things simply came from one thing, you acting upon your truth. 

   So now we know that expressing you weird, radical, and beautiful self through speaking and acting your truth (aka doing whatever you want and acting on your desire/following your heart) allows you to learn more about what you're interested in, get cool opportunities that may take you cool places, meet people who are interested in the same things (and also probably cool and friendly since part of speaking your truth will probably involve keeping up relationships only with people who meet that criteria), and most importantly learn more about yourself! Doesn't that just sound like a dream come true? But, how exactly does one fully, deeply express oneself? Well, lucky for you, I've got tips for that. 

    The key to expressing oneself fully, deeply, and completely, is simply about listening to yourself. Listen to your inner voice and do what it asks. If it wants to wear a bandana around its neck even though your inner self-critic thinks that's weird, go ahead. If it wants to volunteer at a garden even though your inner self critic is afraid you'll suck for some reason, go do it anyway. We've all got wishes and desires, secret and long-harbored longings to do this, go there, wear that, make this. Act on those desires. Follow your heart, let your intuition lead the way when deciding what to do. Keep in mind what is best for you and what will cause you to experience the most personal growth. 

    Simply giving yourself enough space and freedom from the fear constantly voiced by your inner critic will be enough to let you see what you want to do. Then all you have to do is go do it! 

    I challenge you to try this out tomorrow. When you get up in the morning, wear something awesome. Creatively express yourself through your appearance. Shake up your daily routine by asking yourself, "What do I really want to do today?". Make time for that and do it. 

    Lately, acting on my truth has involved spending a lot of time outside. While this has resulted in a few sunburns and mosquito bites, it has also lead me to an increased sense of happiness and peace, productivity (I read much better in the sunlight), and new social experiences (recently while doing my reading outside I met some potential housemates for next year! But that's another story). Even the simple act of following my heart by spending more of my time outside has lead to personal growth, happiness, and new situations. 

    I'm telling you man, get weird! Get out there! Dress the way you want! Go to awesome and interesting events! Explore the world around you! Meet new people! Get involved! Express yourself and follow your heart, the universe is your playground and treasure chest, two in one. Good luck. 

    P.S. If you need more encouragement, here's Labrinth:

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

How I've Avoided Buying New Clothes For More Than A Year

Hello friends! Today is part two of my series on the why and how of avoiding the purchase of new clothing. I'm going to illustrate several strategies I've employed to avoid new clothes while still looking sharp. Here we go!

1. Shop at thrift stores and consignment shops! 
     Thrift shops are honestly the best place you could ever dream of to buy clothing. Seriously, have you seen my thrift haul videos? Treasure troves. There's a lot to sift through, but the things I find at thrift stores are (a unique, (b priced well, c) wonderfully sustainable and non-exploitative, and d) generally very good quality clothing! I wear a lot of clothes that are older than me, and the reason they made it that long is usually because they are very well made pieces, much better than what you usually buy at malls. Consignment and secondhand stores can be a bit pricier but have fewer things to sift through and are better organized. One I can recommend is Plato's Closet. They're all over the U.S. and I get all my jeans from there!

2. Shop at flea markets and church events!
      There are flea markets in my town that happen at least once a month, I believe. However, my best kept secret is a church flea market that happens in my town every year. During the last hour of the flea market, everything goes on sale for a dollar per bag of stuff. Last year I took home four paper grocery bags full of clothing for four bucks! Seek out events like these. They are great resources! 

3. Shop online or on apps!
       If you're looking for specific items, one of the best places to look is eBay. Lots of nice secondhand stuff can be found on that website. There are also a couple apps which allow you to sell your old clothes and buy or trade for other users old clothes, including an app called Vinted. Additionally, there are a couple websites like Twice that allow you to sell used clothes and buy those of others! Also, shop on Etsy! There are so many great vintage finds and handmade pieces, plus that money you spend supports a small business, aka real people who aren't exploiting anyone! Some of my favorite shops are OH-ZIE, Nube Menta, DoppelStandard, and of course my own, Good Vibrations Vintage!  All are excellent alternatives that allow you to find nice quality clothes without creating an economic demand for new ones. 

4. Host and attend clothing swaps! 
     I wrote an article a while ago about hosting a swap meet. In my town they are fairly common events. Always be on the lookout and try to attend them if you need some clothes. Most are free if you bring something to trade! They are also super fun to host and great excuses to bring together family and friends. 

5. Shop your friends' and relatives' closets!
   Trade with your friends and family! Or just take stuff for free! Half of my wardrobe used to belong to my mom. Not kidding. Many of my clothes have also been given to me by friends who didn't need them anymore, including all of my bras! My friend and her housemates keep a big giveaway pile of stuff they don't want in their living room so that people are free to look through it any time. We do the same thing at my parent's house. Many people have clothes skulking in their closets that they don't need or don't want. Just ask! 

6. Look for free bins at stores and public places!
     Just like many places have free or exchanged based library bookshelves, there are also free bins with all sorts of things. There's a food co-op  here on campus that has one, and today I found a beautiful red velvety skirt in there! Look around, they're closer than you think, and free!

7. Participate in clothing giveaways and contests!
    Sometimes I host giveaways here on this blog, and I am definitely not the only one. While participating in giveaways is not the most reliable source of clothes, it is free, and fun. Google "clothing giveaways" and see what you get. 

8. DIY your clothes 
    Try mending your clothes instead of throwing them out when they rip. I have so many clothes I have mended or patched. It saves money, adds character, and builds your crafting skills. Next on my list is learning how to darn my socks! You can also DIY to add flair to your clothing. I know a lot of people who sew patches onto denim jackets or jeans to make a statement. I often take clothes in or reshape them entirely to get the look I want. The plethora of DIY tutorials on the internet is endless, just for t-shirts alone. I learned how to both take in and let out the waistband of pants on YouTube. The resources are out there. Try it, it's fun! 

      So, that's how I've avoided buying new clothes for more than a year! The amount of resources available to you is staggering once you investigate, and I completely left out borrowing and renting based solutions (which are also worth looking into)! Bottom line: now that you know why and how, there is no reason why you can't support sustainability and social justice by joining forces with me and refusing to buy new clothes! So jump on in, the water's fine! See you at the thrift shop ;)

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Why I Haven't Bought New Clothes in More Than a Year

  Yes, that's right. The last time I bought anything new was in December of 2013. Now, to many people that might sound totally crazy, and even boring and torturous. Yeah, I get it, clothes shopping is fun! I agree. However, there are a myriad of reasons to not buy new clothes and that's what I'm going to talk about today.

     Here are my five golden rules of why not to buy new clothes:

1. Buying new clothes is unsustainable.
    When you buy a new piece of clothing, you are creating a demand. You are sending a message with your power as a consumer that more new clothes must be made, because people want and are going to buy new clothes. This means that all kinds of resources are going into the creation of new clothes. If you buy a new cotton t-shirt, think for a second about how that cotton t-shirt was made. The cotton was grown somewhere, probably through the use of unsustainable farming practices that incorporated heavy use of pesticides and fossil fuels in their upkeep, as well as many gallons of water to keep the plants alive and producing. Then, more fossil fuels and other energy resources were used the harvest and ship the cotton, to a place where it could be manufactured into fabric, using more fossil fuels. After that, it's shipped somewhere else to be made into a specific t-shirt, and then it's shipped to a store, where you will find it. So all that energy and resource usage is not only unsustainable, it also creates pollution, pesticide drift, and water shortages. All to make a t-shirt. Plus, we must consider the quality of the t-shirt. Many new clothes sold today are very poor quality and fall apart easily, for two reasons. Not only is it cheaper to make poorly-made clothing, but it also encourages you to come back and buy a new t-shirt to replace the old one that fell apart. This creates even more of a demand for new, unsustainably produced clothing.
2. Buying new clothes is unethical.
    While we're exploring all the resources, like water and fossil fuels, that go into the production of a cotton t-shirt, we can also look at the people exploited along the way. Were the people working the cotton fields paid a living wage? How about the people who wove the cotton into fabric? Or the people who made the fabric into a t-shirt? Are their jobs easy? Are their shifts manageable and are their hours fair? Depending on where you buy your clothes, the answer to many of these questions is probably going to be a resounding NO. When consumers buy new clothes, they perpetuate the demand for people to fill these unjust jobs. These people are unfairly employed and exploited, and their status is ensured with every new t-shirt we buy. To be fair, there are more companies who do not exploit their workers nowadays than there used to be, but that does little to mitigate the other four reasons for not buying new clothes.

3. Buying new clothes is unaffordable.
    Yes, I am in college, and so I have less money than some. However, even if I had money to spare, why would I spend it on new clothes when I could do better things like buying organic food or donating it or giving it away? Buying new clothes is a cost that many budgets can't accommodate when one is trying to focus on a healthy lifestyle.
4. Buying new clothes is unnecessary.
    There are SO MANY ways to get clothing besides buying it new. I will delve into these methods in an upcoming post, but just know for now that there is an abundance of alternatives to shopping at the mall. Plus, do you really need new clothes? I recently heard about something called the 80/20 rule, which implies that we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. The rest just kind of hangs out, useless. Though we are encouraged to buy, buy, buy, it is wise to question for a moment if you actually need new clothes. Chances are, the answer is no.
5. Buying new clothes is unoriginal.
    If you buy clothes from the mall you are at a very high risk of having exactly the same shirt as someone else. Clothes obtained from other sources tend to be slightly more difficult to find copies of and are therefore more unique and exciting! They lend new originality to your personal style.

    So, those are my top five reasons not to buy new clothes! I could come up with more, but those are definitely the most important.

    I do want to acknowledge that while this post emphasizes individual actions and blames individual consumers for the environmental and social justice issues I mentioned, I do understand that a lot of larger systemic forces are at play here as well. These forces need to be taken down, both through individual action, such as refusing to purchase new clothes, and collective actions, like protests, boycotts, and massive outreach and educational efforts. I am not trying to blame any individual for the social and environmental injustices caused by today's clothing industry. My only goal with this article is educate and get the word out so that more people may become aware of the issue.

 In an upcoming post, I will show you all how I avoid buying new clothes! I hope that this post has helped some of you and given you some food for thought. If you have any questions or want to further discuss what I've written here, please feel free to email me!
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Friday, March 20, 2015

Springtime Magic: A Spell for the Equinox

     Hello my fine young friends. If you haven't heard, today is the vernal equinox! Waddup, springtime? We missed you! In light of this fabulous time of change and renewal, I wanted to share with you all a little spell I am planning on casting this evening. It's also worth noting that as well as being the vernal equinox, today is also the day of a total solar eclipse and super moon. This is a very magical time indeed! 

     The spell I'm sharing with you today has less to do with any formal pagan or Wiccan sect of practice, and more so to do with my own inventions and dabblings. Without further ado:

What You Will Need: 
- A piece of paper
- A flame or fire
- A glass of water
- A delicious food

1. Tear the piece of paper in half. On one half, write down three things you would like to cast off. These may be negative thoughts or beliefs, unhealthy relationships, or bad habits that no longer serve you. 
2. Hold the paper over the flame or toss it in the fire and watch it burn. While you watch, allow your mind to cleanse itself of the things you wrote down. 
3. Allow your mind a short healing break after the paper has completely burnt. Drink a glass of water and allow your mind to rest and wander. 
4. After you finish the glass of water, take the second piece of paper and write down three things you want to create, renew, or manifest. These may be relationships, healthy beliefs or habits, success in work or school. Really think about these things and get specific. 
5. Place the paper where you can see it and eat your yummy food. With each bite, enjoy the taste of the food, and then imagine enjoying one of the things you wrote on the paper. With each bite, focus on a different thing. Imagine how happy and grateful you feel to have whatever that thing is. 
6. After you finish your dessert, put the paper somewhere you will see it and focus on your desires whenever you see it. 

        Spring is a great time for this kind of spell because of the renewing and creative energy at this time. The equinox is also a good time to request and enact change, since the seasons are changing as well. 
       It is important to note the setting you cast your spell in. Try to do it somewhere you feel safe and happy. I like to do spells in my room or a friend's room with candles burning, or in a place in the woods  that I feel particularly connected to. I hope you enjoy the spell! Have a magical springtime!
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Monday, March 16, 2015

How to Smash the Capitalist Patriarchy: Love Yourself!!

          Hey everybody! Let's talk about how to smash the capitalist patriarchy! The capitalist patriarchy, as many well know, is an oppressive force that each of us is living under and being oppressed by each and every day. And it sucks. So, let's liberate ourselves, shall we?

 (Disclaimer: I am in no way a certified economist or sociologist or anything-ist, these are just my ideas based on my life experiences and observations as well as books I've read, classes I've taken, and other sources. My explanations are somewhat simplistic, so I encourage you to look for more information on the topics discussed below if you so choose).

         First, a little context: capitalism and our consumer culture here in the Western world are constantly trying to persuade us to buy, buy, buy. Advertising is specifically targeted to our insecurities, convincing us that although we're not that great now, we can be if we buy this jacket/that motorcycle/ that stand mixer, etc… and our life will be so much better and we will be so much happier, yay! Sounds familiar, right? It's bullshit. First of all, having stuff doesn't make you happy. In fact, it's been proven that buying more stuff actually makes you miserable. Second, the fact that advertising constantly feeds off our insecurities and tells us we're not good enough is not only scary and cruel, but a voice we must block out in order to liberate ourselves. Western culture convinces each of us that we are not good enough for a very specific reason. To turn a profit. Because capitalism, especially the way it's applied now, dictates that money, and gain, are more important than people, than human wellbeing! And that is crap! We must realize that every industry is whispering in every ear, realize that our insecurity is their profit.

        So, that's how capitalism screws with your self-esteem, but what about the patriarchy? What could possibly be harmful about hetero-normativity and rules and gender roles? Well, today I'm really only touching on the tip of the iceberg, but basically, the patriarchy dictates certain roles and characteristics that belong to each gender, which means this system oppresses women, men, and non-binary people and other individuals. This system demands conformity and punishes any exceptions to the rule. This systemic oppression and devaluation negatively affects pretty much everybody, though the negative effects are more heavily concentrated on some groups than others (i.e. white heterosexual males vs. black homosexual females). While we're talking about the patriarchy, we could bring in all those factors of race, class, and gender to really stir things up, but let's just keep it simple and say this: the patriarchy sucks. It's keeping you down and forcibly lowering your self-esteem by devaluing your individual identity.

        Ultimately we come to see that our own individual insecurities, at least in part, all stem from the same source. The Capitalist Patriarchy. Which is why it's time to smash it.

      "But how?!!?", I hear you cry. By loving yourself! Loving yourself is not only a good idea that feels nice, it is an act of subversion! One of my favorite quotes reads thus: 

“The greatest radical move that any person can make in this present world is to be themselves and not assimilate.”

                                                                     - Cathy Cooper

       I didn't truly understand the wisdom behind that quote until I realized that our culture is trying so hard to make each of us hate ourselves, both for economic gain and cultural conformity. The most powerful way to take action against these systems of oppression is to love yourself, fully, deeply, and completely. That means that you express yourself fully, despite the opinions of others. That means you ignore advertising and form your own ideas of what a good life, good wealth, and good health look like, and you pursue those ideas, because you deserve them. That means you also accept and embrace your appearance, your personality, and your behaviors as being awesome and perfect, as long as you think so, and no matter what the media/other people/outside pressures might say. 

      While you are doing this, an even greater way to increase your radicalness is through promotion the wellbeing of others as well. Encourage others to love themselves, encourage others to resist the capitalist patriarchy and see their own beauty. If we can all do this, we will not only have a society more devoid of systemic oppression, but also more full of happy people! We will also be less consumptive, since people will be able to resist their urge to buy things to fill the internal emptiness thanks to their newfound self-esteem! 

       So, my friends, this is just one of a myriad of great reasons to love, love, love, LOVE yourself!! If you'd like some tips on how to do so, look at my articles, and make use of a nice google search! Always remember: Self-love is a subversive act! Fuck the system, fight the power, and rock on! 

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Show Yourself Some Love: Make A De-Stresser List

          Hello friends! Lately I've been feeling stressed and sad, between upcoming finals and all my extracurriculars, and I've realized that I really need to become more mindful of how to manage and dissolve this stress and sadness. I started thinking about self-love strategies, and one that I thought of was making a list of simple things to do to uplift yourself. So today, I sat down for a little while and banged this list out, with a little help from this article by Gala Darling. I've provided my list to you below, so that you can get ideas for making your own de-stressed list.
  1. call a friend or family member
  2. dance
  3. work out
  4. make plans to do something fun
  5. turn off your cellphone for as long as you can
  6. turn off your laptop for as long as you can
  7. read a book
  8. read a book outside
  9. put together/try on new outfits
  10. put on an outfit you look nice in and do your makeup
  11. do an assignment ahead of time
  12. leave a day in the future unscheduled so you can look forward to it
  13. go to a quiet place and do your work for as long as you can
  14. try a Pinterest project
  15. go for a long walk by yourself
  16. go to the beach alone
  17. go to the beach with a friend
  18. talk to a friend you haven’t talked to in a while
  19. watch an episode of  a TV show that relaxes you and makes you feel good (my absolute favorite for this is Gilmore Girls!)
  20. ask one of your friends to come over and give you a hug, or go to their house
  21. think of all the things and possibilities you are grateful for
  22. go over your calendar and make sure it’s up to date, then reward yourself with reading or a video (or whatever you like)
  23. go through your email and delete stuff for 30 minutes, then reward yourself with reading or a video
  24. go downtown by yourself and hang out in a cafe or a bookshop
  25. do something you’ve been procrastinating on
  26. do something you’re afraid of doing but also want to do
  27. write notes to ten of your friends telling them how much you love them
  28. clean your space
  29. review your goals and see if your can work on something
  30. write in your ideas journal for 20 minutes. if you don't have one, start one!
  31. stretch for 20 minutes
  32. moisturize your whole body
  33. do a yoga or zumba class on youtube
  34. try meditating for 5 minutes
  35. try a guided meditation
  36. write multiple lists of everything you want. Material possessions, relationships, work, lifestyle, everything. Pin them up by your door so you see them all the time. - Gala Darling
  37. get something nice for yourself on Etsy 
  38. write a letter to your future self
  39. journal for 30 minutes
  40. make a patch.
  41. make a drawing
  42. write a blog post
  43. cast a spell for self love and good fortune
  44. give someone a compliment that is not about physical appearance 
  45. make a list of the things you want to do to celebrate the upcoming season. - Gala Darling
  46. write down a dream you had, and look up its supposed meaning. 
  47. listen to music you don’t normally
  48. go to a place people walk their dogs and hang out with fuzzy friends
  49. watch funny videos of Bill Hader and Chris Farley
  50. do the inversion method to see if it works!!
  51. do a journal prompt
  52. list all the good things that have happened to you in the past week
  53. do something nice for someone else. 
  54. work on an individual wellness plan

         Now that you've seen my list, I hope it can help you generate your own ideas for taking care of yourself and making yourself feel better. For a little more help, google self-care tips or something similar. There are plenty of ideas out there. 

         Once you've created your de-stressed list, you must implement it. This can be done in several ways. One idea I like is writing all these suggestions down on pieces of paper and putting them in a box or jar. When you feel really sad or stressed, get the jar and pull out a slip of paper, then perform the action the piece of paper suggests. Another good idea is to implement a 30 Day Challenge, which is what I've decided to do. Doing a 30 day challenge is a good option if you're feeling super stressed and really want to implement some goodness into you everyday life. The way I built my 30 day challenge was by plugging this list into a random number generator until I had 30 choices picked out. So, here is my 30 day challenge:

Day 1: dance

Day 2: go downtown by yourself and hang out in a cafe or a bookshop

Day 3: make a list of the things you want to do to celebrate the upcoming season

Day 4: go to a place people walk their dogs and hang out with fuzzy friends

Day 5: write a letter to your future self

Day 6: go over your calendar and make sure it’s up to date, then reward yourself with reading or a video (or whatever you like)

Day 7: go through your email and delete stuff for 30 minutes, then reward yourself with reading or a video

Day 8: write multiple lists of everything you want. Material possessions, relationships, work, lifestyle, everything. Pin them up by your door so you see them all the time.

Day 9: watch an episode of  a TV show that relaxes you and makes you feel good (my absolute favorite for this is Gilmore Girls!)

Day 10: cast a spell for self love and good fortune

Day 11: do something you’re afraid of doing but also want to do

Day 12: write down a dream you had, and look up its supposed meaning

Day 13: put on an outfit you look nice in and do your makeup

Day 14: do an assignment ahead of time

Day 15: make a patch

Day 16: work on a piece for Rookie

Day 17: leave a day in the future unscheduled so you can look forward to it

Day 18: Do the inversion method to see if it works!!

Day 19: ask one of your friends to come over and give you a hug, or go to their house

Day 20: go to the beach alone

Day 21: write a blog post

Day 22: turn off your cellphone for as long as you can

Day 23: put together/try on new outfits

Day 24: try meditating for 5 minutes

Day 25: read a book outside

Day 26: make a drawing

Day 27: list all the good things that have happened to you in the past week

Day 28: work on an individual wellness plan

Day 29: clean your space

Day 30: try a Pinterest project

     I'll let you guys know how it goes in an upcoming post! Hopefully you all find this helpful :)

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Guest Post: DIY Crystal Circlet from Viva La DIY!!!

Hey everyone! Today I am so so excited to feature this awesome guest post tutorial on how to make a crystal circlet, made by Jazmin from Viva La DIY! Read on and create awesomeness with her!

Hello all, it’s me Jazmin of Viva La DIY!
If you’re anything like me, you are constantly finding inspiration for DIY projects everywhere! One thing I have been really marveled by recently are crowns and circlets. These beauts are exquisite yet pricey. So when I discovered just how expensive they are, I knew that I would DIY my own version.
I really enjoyed how my circlet turned out. I can really feel the female energy from the stones!
Amazonite (also known as green feldspar) is considered to have many healing properties, such as relieving headaches, has a calming effect and helps with mood swings. Amazonite is also believed to possess a female energy.
Rose quartz is believed to help relieve pain and considered to strengthen friendships and relationships because it opens the mind to beautiful things.
First, explore various types of styles and designs to consider. While preparing I looked at many different styles including Elvin, Medieval, Bohemian, and Steampunk. I wanted it to look nature inspired but, not too avant-garde. So I finally decided I wanted something simplistic with an Elvin/Bohemian aesthetic.
This is just what I choose. You are free to follow these techniques along with your own design. It is completely up to you, choose what is best for you and your budget.
  • Measuring tape
  • 20 gauge wire
  • 12 gauge wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Other jewelry pliers are a plus (My husband wraps stones so I used some of his tools.)
  • Crystal beads and stones (I used real amazonite and rose quartz, but plastic ones are fine.)

Step 1:
Measure your head and add 2 inches.
(My head measures 22 inches, plus 2 for total length of 24 inches.)
Step 2:
Cut your 12 gauge wire equal to the total length of this measurement. Repeat for a total of 4 pieces.
Step 3:
Take 2 pieces of wire and intertwine them together by holding the ends and twist like a candy wrapper. Repeat for a second strand.

Step 4:
Take both strands and twist them 2 inches from the end.

Step 5:
Make your first loop approximately 1 inch from where you left off. Use your thumb to hold between the loop and twist twice to secure in place.

Step 6:
Similarly, make second loop approximately 2 inches in length.

Step 7:
Continue to make a third loop approximately 3/4 of an inch in length.

Step 8:
Now make a fourth loop of about 3 inches in length.

Note: To preserve symmetry, subsequently repeat the loop sequence.
Step 9:
Respectively repeat step 7, 6, and  5. Then twist the remaining wire and fold  over the ends so that no sharp wire sticks out.

Step 10:
Twine the largest center front loop strands around themselves until taut.
Again, I used my thumb to twist the wire like a candy wrapper.

Note: Reference Make a Tiara, Threadbanger Project to learn how to play with the beads and make interesting shapes.
Step 11:
Thread your bead(s) with 12 gauge wire.

Step 12:
Wrap any loose stones with 20 gauge wire.
Note: Since rough cut stones are easier to wrap than polished stones, I recommend using rough cut stones for beginners.

Step 13:
Secure your bead(s) and stones in place as you find aesthetically pleasing.

Step 14: Add any final touches and you are finished.

Have fun, hope you have a blast making your own!
Thanks again to Dulce and Jazmin for this awesome DIY tutorial. I really encourage you guys to peruse their links above and check them out; they are truly inspiring!
Happy circlet-making!!