Friday, December 15, 2017

I've Moved!!

Say hello to the new home of my blog right here, as well as my freelance writing business and other resources coming soon :) 

I am so pumped to have a new domain, this is the first one I've ever owned!! Good Vibrations will stay up as my archive, but this site will no longer be updated. To read any new articles in the future, please go to the blog on my new site!

I am also excited to announce that I am using this opportunity to expand my business. My new website includes a resource page which will be focused on resources for social justice organizing and similar topics, and a shop page which will feature zines, herbal offerings, and other things. In a little while I will also have a newsletter you can subscribe to, and of course details on how to hire me to write for your site or business or speak or facilitate at your event. So hop on over there, like me on Facebook, and have fun exploring!! Thank you for reading my blog, I've had an amazing time maintaining this site.

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