Monday, January 9, 2012

How To Make a Shape Collage!

Today I will be teaching you how to make a shape collage. I made mine in the shape of a bunny because I had something handy to trace in that shape, but really you can do any shape you want! 
Let's get started: 
You Will Need:
Scissors, a glue stick, a sheet of paper, and lots and lots of images! I have a shoebox full of pictures I have cut from magazines, so that's what I used. You will also need a shape to trace, for which I used the bunny shape. You can use a shape you cut from a magazine, something you print from the internet, or you can draw your own! You can trace your hand or make a simple circle or a square, or just paste on pictures, fold in half, and cut out a funky, cool shape!
 You should also have markers and a pencil on hand for later uses. 

1. Trace your shape, whichever one you have chosen, onto the piece of paper with your pencil.  

2. Flip the paper over first! Then, images onto the paper where the the traced shape is on the back of the paper, underneath the images. 

3. When you have done that, your paper should look like this. Hold the paper up to the light to make sure you have all the images where you want them so that you don't have any blank areas. 

4. Cut out your shape! 

5. You're almost done. This is where those markers come in. Now you can color in all the blank white spaces with bright colors to make it look pretty! 

Now you can enjoy your beautiful shape collage! I made another bunny so that my first one could have a companion! These are so fun to make, I think I could probably do them all day. Seriously I'm an addict. Happy collaging everybody! 

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