Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to Make Tissue Paper Poppies and Mini Blooms

Ever since I found this tutorial on Rust and Sunshine via craftgawker, I have been absolutely obsessed with making tissue paper flowers. I have made over 10, but my favorite one to make is a poppy, which is different from the one shown in tutorial. The red and yellow flower above is my favorite that I have made. Wanna know how to make 'em? Here's how!

Tissue paper
Pipe cleaners

1. First, cut the tissue paper into 10 inch squares. 1 flower needs 6 or more squares of tissue paper. 
2. Now take 2 sheets of the color that you want the stamen to be (the middle part of the poppy, ex. the yellow part in the one above) and fold into and accordion shape about 1 inch wide. Just make sure it is significantly thinner than the other part of the flower. You can make the stamen shorter by trimming off a few inches of the strip of paper, which I did with the red and yellow poppy. Next, make small cuts into the two ends of the strip so that they are fringey.

3. Now take the 4 sheets you will use for the petals and fold them into an accordion shape that is at least an inch wider than the stamen. Cut the edges of the strip so that they are rounded as shown above.

4. Unfold the two strips and lay the stamen on top of the petals. Now begin to fold the two along the wide folds of the petals, not the thin ones of the stamen. When finished, the 6 sheets should form one strip, with the stamen sheets inside the petal sheets. 

5. Choose a pipe cleaner for the stem and fold it over the strip, then wrap it around itself to secure. Make sure that the stamen is pointing up so that it will be on the inside of the flower. 

6. Now fan out one side of the strip. Fluff up each of the sheets one at a time. Continue with the other side. When finished, the flower will look like the picture on the right. Enjoy the prettiness!

You can also make mini flowers like these. For the one on the left, the edges were cut into a point. For the one on the right, the edges were rounded, like those of the poppy petals. 
1. Using 6 smaller squares (mine were 5 inches), fold them into a small accordion shape and cut the edges into the desired shape.
2. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the strip. 
3. Fan out the flower and fluff the petals both down and up to form a spherical shape. I recommend working in from the sheets on the top and bottom. 

Done! Now enjoy!

As you can see, I decorated my lamp with all my creations, although I have also given some to friends. I'll do a dorm tour soon so you can see the rest of my space :)
Happy flower making!

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