Monday, March 17, 2014

Why I Cut My Hair!

      I've had short hair for about a month now, which is a big change compared to the lengthy locks I've had since age ten. Recently people have been asking me why I felt the sudden urge to chop off about a foot of my hair, so I thought, why not explain it in a post? 

     About a month ago, I was coming to a point where I realized there were a lot of changes I needed and wanted to make in my life. Nothing was going horribly wrong or anything drastic like that - my old ways just weren't serving me anymore. I was no longer happy with my relationships as they were, my habits, or any of it. I'd gotten really bored, and I was over it. Basically, I was finally ready to distance myself completely from who I was in high school, because I am not that girl anymore! When I look back I feel way older than my seventeen year-old self, even though I'm really only a year older than her. 
     Anyway, on a weekend in early February, I put my hair in a ponytail, handed my sister a pair of scissors, and got rid of all that hair! And I've been loving it ever since. I feel so much like myself without all the extra plumage. I look and feel very new and improved, and it's funny how a change in appearance can do that for you. 
      I think I explained myself best when I said "I wanted to change my life and this was the first step." Since cutting my hair, all the other changes seem to be slowly falling into place, and I am indeed in a very different place from where I was a month ago. Since then, my relationships have all changed and improved, my diet has gotten healthier, and I make a lot more time for fun. I'm doing things like yoga and reading and lots of volunteering, and I feel like wearing makeup and looking nice in the morning. I've had more adventures in the past month than in the previous six months, and it's all because of a haircut. The feeling of metamorphosis is quite thrilling, and I'd definitely recommend it, 10/10. 
      Seriously though, one of the reasons I want to share this story is to let everyone know that changing your life is really frickin' simple. So if you feel unsatisfied, just DO it!

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  1. Inspirational, your hair is lovely!! Thanks for sharing. :]
    ♡ Dulce


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