Thursday, April 10, 2014

Adventure Time: Dates to Go On With Your Friends

In keeping with my Happiness Project, April's theme is friendship, so I thought it would be nice to come up with a list of friend date/adventures ideas! These can all be done with a best friend, a group of friends, or just someone you want to develop your friendship with, since that's what this month is really about! I hope you enjoy my ideas, I'm definitely doing a lot of these this month!

- Take them up to a mountain or hilltop for a picnic and bring along delicious foods, especially their favorites!
- Go rollerskating. Even if you're not very good, it's super fun and everyone will look adorable and possibly endearingly terrible at skating :)
- Surprise them by inviting them over and presenting them with a delicious home cooked feast.
- Are you musically talented? Have a jam sesh together! Bring your instruments, do warmups, and sing (even if you're bad at it)!
- Have an art date together! Get a piece of paper or cardboard and go crazy with paint, markers, etc.
- Have a reading date. Just bring your favorite books and find a nice spot to read together. This is a great cozy option for rainy days. Cuddling may ensue!
- See a play together. This is a hip take on the classic movie date, and live performances are more fun!
- Get rid of your stuff together. Go through a closet or a room and have the other person help you determine if you need, want, or use each item in the space.
- Have a garage sale together. This one goes hand in hand with the above idea, since you can sell all the stuff you decide to get rid of. Plus, you get extra money for date night!
- Get organized together! This is part three of the series. Once you've cleared out extra space, you can put all the remaining stuff back in ways that make sense. And make it pretty. I'm pretty sure they will appreciate some organizational help if you offer it.
- Sneak up on a rooftop or high place. Bonus points if you (almost) get caught.
- Follow a river together, and see where it goes (until you get tired).
- Go on a night walk together. Whether it's in a neighborhood, a forest, a field, a school, or whatever, go somewhere that won't be dangerous but still exciting. Nighttime walks tend to feel simultaneously mischievous and cathartic. Enjoy the company of another under the moonlight :)
- Teach them a skill you have that they do not. Whether it's skate-boarding, skim-reading, twerking, or pancake-making, if they want to learn, teach them! Giggles are sure to ensue.

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  1. Always a fan of your posts! I'm going to try a few of these, thanks!! :)


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