Thursday, April 30, 2015

Things I Love Thursday!!

      Hi friends! Happy Thursday! Today is a beautiful wonderful day and you are all going to rock it. To celebrate this fine Thursday, I'm starting things off with a gratitude list, Things I Love Thursday. Here is what I'm grateful for today!

    Sunshine + Aloe vera + Nice people + Kisses + Hugs + People who care + Making art + Smiles + Individuality and freedom + High speed internet (I will miss you!) + Google calendar + Being able to receive medical care + All people who crusade for justice (Baltimore riots, what up) + My beautiful parents + Gardening + Delicious, healthy, and home-cooked food + Kitchens! + Comfortable sandals + The beautiful weather in Santa Cruz! + That feel when you find housing + Being healthy! + Aikido + Being brave enough to do things beyond your comfort zone + Good music + Old music! + All my hippy friends :) + Natural history + Less than 5 weeks till summer + Beautiful hair + Being surrounded by beautiful and magical human beings + Hats + Having a personal style + Not wearing a bra (sooo comfy) + Wearing short shorts + Dancing + Being able to teach a class here at UCSC + Facebook and other social media tools, those things are so darn useful + The internet! + Fun activities + Potlucks + Fresh fruit + Farmer's markets + Travel opportunities + Having long, interesting, and wonderful conversations + Pillows + Blankets + Mattress toppers + Visits from friends + Letters + Getting checks in the mail! + Etsy orders + My Etsy shop! + Hearing no sound but the wind + Butterflies + Adventure Time and Gilmore Girls + Little caterpillars + Open and communicative people + Bonfires + An abundance of friends + Opportunities to celebrate + Laughter + Beautiful jewelry + Dogs + Wildlife + Outer space + Nice professors + Being able to attend UCSC + Birds + The Beatles + Donuts

    My love and blessings to all of you! Today has been good to me so far, how about you? What are you grateful for today? Feel free to share or just soak in the gratitude. Good luck to you today. 
P.S.: You can find both the shirt and the skirt I am wearing in the photo above in my Etsy Shop. Please go check it out!

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