Thursday, July 23, 2015

Things I Love Thursday!

      Hello friends, I hope you're all having a fabulous Thursday! Today I would really like to take my hat off to the universe and feel the energy of gratitude for all the things I love, so it's time for a Things I Love Thursday list! Read mine and try making your own, they're fun and they feel good :)

Clean, cheap drinking water + Living in a safe place + Being surrounded by nature + Music that makes me feel good + Spending quality time with myself + Surprise visiting my friends + Dogs of every shape and size! + All of my wonderful and inspiring friends + Art + Making art + Having the capacity to create + Going out to delicious breakfasts + Trying new recipes + Trees + Warm breezes + My Etsy shop, and Etsy in general, it's such an inspiring place to see what other people are doing and creating + The blogs that inspired me to start blogging on my own (I've been blogging for seven years!!) + Finding inspiration + Being overwhelmed by positive feelings + Kids and their unique point of view + Smiling and laughing + Going to the beach + Riding bikes through the park + Doing things that scare me a little bit + Delicious ice cream on a hot day + Also lemonade! + Getting back in touch with people I miss + Getting lots of exercise and getting toned and more in shape + Telling and hearing scary stories + Donuts + Making my own food! I love cooking so much + Going on hiking adventures + Genuine compliments + Interesting people who do cool things + Going swimming + Composting stuff! + Maximizing creative potential + Good books + Exploring new places + Creating anything + Stickers + Wearing cute underwear + Kissing nice people + Hugging nice people! + Gay marriage is legal! + People who care about other people and the earth + Being mature + Clouds and the shapes they make + Going to the library + Learning new things + Rainbows + Markers and other art supplies + Fresh haircuts + Delicious salads + Fruit! It is the best thing ever! + Sunrises and sunsets + Sleeping a healthy amount + Field guides + Art journals + Natural history + Pink stuff + Bright colors + Being healthy and taking care of myself + Embroidery + Meeting cool new people + Loving myself :)

     Doesn't reading all that just make you feel good!? I want to hug someone! Happy Thursday, beauties. Stay grateful and rock on. 

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