Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Importance of Notebooks and Journals

Throughout my life I have kept a ton of journals, (Last time I counted I weighed in at 16!) and I credit them with my most successful ideas for all the parts of my life. As well as little mind-freeing doodles and the documentation of my entire middle school experience. It's so fun to look back into these journals and see things like this: 

The first picture is what were my first many outfit drawings. I love their hands the best! 
The bottom pictures came from the purple composition book in the picture below, and they were my style journal while I went through a phase inspired by Teen Vogue, attempting to document my style. Those are some of my favorite pages, and this kind of made way for my Book, I guess :). 

Obviously, I think keeping notebooks and journals is worth something. I keep journals on a number of topics, like: Gratitude, Self-Love, Ideas, Inspiration, My Journal/Diary Thingie, and then just a jumble of ideas and things. 

I think keeping one notebook around you at all times is a great way to keep your thoughts and ideas organized! Here are some tips on doing just that! 
  • Make your journal pretty or inspiring! You can buy it or make it, like I did with the ones up there. 
  • You don't have to conform to any certain format. That's what great about a journal - it's whatever you want! This means  you can: 
  • - Make it a complete jumble and just write the date at the top of the entry and then do whatever you want!
  • - Or you can staple in some tabs and label them things like "Journal" "Ideas" "Goals" etc. 
  • Don't make yourself write in it on a schedule. Instead, you should feel excited to write in your notebook, like when you have a great idea and can't wait to record it! 

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