Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trend I Love: Glitter!

Recently I have gotten into an obsession with glitter. It's just so pretty! I think this might have started when I watched a film about glitter and its history on the Etsy blog. It was really interesting and took me way beyond KeSha in terms of my glitter knowledge, and you should go watch it!
Anyway, ever since then I have been obsessed with glitter on anything! Nails, shoes, hair, art, furniture, you name it! I really want to do some projects with glitter in them, but first i think might need to stock up. In the mean time, I have been looking up all things glittery: 
A Beautiful Mess posted a tutorial on making glitter shoes! This is definitely one of the glitter projects I want to do! Glittery sneakers would be so cute. 
unknown source
I would love to do some photography of glitter, since it always comes out looking so beautiful!

As an unashamed Virgo, I love organizing things, and I just can't help but imaging my glitter stash looking like this photo by darlingsavage on flickr when I stock up. I'm so excited to begin the glitter fest! I will be posting the resulting masterpieces.    

Oh, and the girls at Rookie just wrote an article about glitter too! It's Glitter: Literally the Best Thing Ever. Haha!

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