Friday, January 13, 2012

Love List

Here are ten things I have loved recently. Lots of inspiration and links, so soak up some love! 

1.How to Write A Personal Mission Statement by Gala Darling. This looks fun!
2. Elsie at A Beautiful Mess is offering an all year art journal e-course! This looks like it would be so much fun!!
3. Free velvet ribbons and bows download at Pugly Pixel, which by the way, is an amazing blog! 
4. How to make a chevron fringe tee on September Girls Do So Much! This blog is also awesome! 

5. This wonderful balloon arrangement, featured over at Oh Joy!, so cute! 
6. Blackbird Blackbird! They are my new favorite music group! I have been listening to their stuff nonstop, they are wonderful when you just want to relax and be happy. If you search "blackbird blackbird" on YouTube and click the first playlist you see, you will know what I mean. 
7. An article on Birthday Preparedness on drummbelina. Good tips await!
8. An article about image collections of Brooke Berman on the Etsy blog. This reminds me of my Book! 
9. Eleanor Hardwick's photography is wonderfully beautiful. I suggest watching her video thing too! All of her work is amazing. 
10. And to cap it off, another yummilicious recipe from raspberri cupcakes for Chocolate 'Cupcake' Fudge! Delicious!

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