Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to Keep Only What You Love! A Lesson in Organization

Have you ever felt like you are bogged down by having too much stuff? Life becomes so much simpler when you clear out everything you don't need or want and have only the things you love left behind. Plus, when you clear all that mediocre stuff out, you make more room for the things you really love! January has me in major organization mode, and I recently went through all my things intending to get rid of 50 things I didn't want or need, but the end result was more like 75! It was very liberating to see all of that stuff leave forever! If you would like to experience similar feelings of freedom, read on, girl!

1. Take inventory of all your possessions. Look at everything you have, considering what things you have outgrown and what you no longer use. It helps if you get everything out and just put it in a big pile in a clear space, like a bed, floor, or table. You can do this room by room and it really helps!

2. After you have taken stock of all your things, sort them into categories. These might be two at first, like "Keep" and "Get Rid Of". Really consider what you need and what you don't. I find if you have a numerical goal, like getting rid of 50 things, it's a lot easier to decide what and what not to keep. Then once you find how easy it is to let the lame stuff go, you will be spurred on and probably get rid of a lit more than 50 things! After you have sorted those two piles, look at the "Get Rid Of" pile again. How will you get rid of this stuff? Do you want to sell some of your stuff, or just donate all of it right away? Consider these questions and sort the "Get Rid Of" pile accordingly. 

3. Donate, sell, and otherwise dispose of everything in your "Get Rid Of"pile. And enjoy your newfound freedom of material things! 

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