Monday, January 16, 2012

Glitter and Face Paint Party!

So, you remember my post about my glitter obsession right? Here's an extension of it! I had a face paint party and photo shoot with my friends Sierra and Lisa! Basically, I got to art direct their faces for the night! I painted them up cool with tribal designs and a yin yang sun for Lisa, with glitter for both of them! I have done this before, but it was just as fun, if not better, because this is the first time I have used glitter! Here are my masterpieces: 

As part of the deal, Sierra and Lisa got to paint my face too. They gave me an air bender tattoo, a Ke$ha eye, and a big Cheshire cat smile, among other things. Don't we look cool! 

I also gave Sierra fake eyes for when she closed her real ones. She really liked them :)
If you want to do this, you can use face paint crayons (I use Caran D'Ache) which are really handy, plus you can get them in a bajillion of colors! For the glitter, apply chapstick to the area you want to put glitter on and then sprinkle on the glitter! You can get really nice glitter from a craft store like Michael's (it should be labeled "Fine Glitter") and that will stick better to your skin and be more comfortable and also cover more area and be generally more sparkly! But you can also use the cheap kid's aisle glitter. I just used both, and didn't they turn out great?

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