Saturday, February 4, 2012

5 Tips to Make Your Day More Magical!

If you're like me, you may have been having a continuing string of "blah" days recently. You know, the ones where you roll out of bed, put on the same jeans as yesterday with a different sweatshirt, bruch your teeth, grab a piece of bread as breakfast and head out the door, sit bored in school or at work all day, come home and apathetically watch T.V. until bedtime. Yeah. Well, quite frankly, it's getting a bit boring, and we need to get our acts together! 
So let's make some magic: 

1. Start your day off right. This means eating a good, more-than-one-slice-of-toast breakfast, like eggs and a banana! Also, if you can muster a good night's sleep before hand, waking up will be much easier and give you time to do something in the morning (besides repeatedly hitting the snooze button), like: listening to music, dancing, meditating, writing about things you are grateful for, and planning your magical day! 
2. Wear something fun! When you actually attempt to look cute, you feel cuter throughout the day, and things get exciting as people react to your outfit! So pull out that cute dress you got a while ago, and if it's cold then layer up and add a cute scarf. If you plan your outfit the night before and make it awesome, the next day, I can guarantee you will feel awesome. 

3. Shake up your normal routine. Listen to different music, take a different route to class or work, buy something different for lunch, do things out of their usual order! All of these things add a little variety to your day, and variety, they say, is the spice of life! Plus these things might introduce you to a new crowd of people, experiences, and opportunities that you were previously unaware of. 
4. Do something that makes you happy for ten minutes a day! Whether this is jumping on the bed or playing with your dog or writing poetry, you can carve ten minutes to have a little fun time each day. Then, no matter how icky and non-magic your day may be, you have those ten minutes of escape, something fun to look forward to! You can use these ten minutes to pursue a passion, like writing a novel, painting a mural, or taking photos ten minutes at a time, or you can use them to loosen up, put on some loud music and act like a rock star, or read a book you enjoy. It's your call!

5. Talk to someone new. Strike up a small conversation with the cashier at the store, approach someone who looks friendly at a coffee shop, talk to a new classmate or coworker. Or, if you are terribly shy, call a friend you haven't talked to in a while. The point is to talk to new people and hear new and interesting ideas, which add to the magic!
Happy Magic Making! 

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