Saturday, February 25, 2012

Creating an Inspiring Workspace II

To begin our foray into designing a good creative workspace, we first have to see what makes one tick. 
Judging by these photos, the most important parts of a creative workspace are: 
  1. Accessibility. When everything is out and visible it is much easier to see what you have to work with. Supplies sit out in containers, ready for use. 
  2. Organization. While a few of these seem a bit cluttered, none are absolutely chaotic. Each item has its little cubby. 
  3. Prettiness! Everyone's favorite part, of course! I love how in the third picture there is an orange orchid on the desk, it is so beautiful! A few other nice touches are the inspirations boards and walls, well-displayed colorful art supplies, and little figurines and toys. So cute! 
So, how do we incorporate these things into a workspace? Here are some ideas: 

  • By having open containers, like tins, jars, and boxes without lids, supplies are easier to reach. 
  • Keeping larger supplies in bins on shelves means that bigger stuff can be tucked away while still in reach. 


  • Having a home for everything is very important! No matter how difficult it might be to find a spot for that 12 inch embroidery hoop, I'm sure you can think of something. Be creative!
  • Storing things by color, like glitter, fabric, buttons, etc. can help when you are looking for a specific color of something. I like to organize my clothes in my closet in the order of the rainbow!
  • If you work with images to make collages or other types of art, it can be helpful to store them all in one spot, like a box or folder. 

  • Obviously, the inspiration wall is a vital component to any inspiring workspace! It can be a hodgepodge of images or a neatly organized and curated bulletin board that is updated monthly with current themes, or a little bit of both! 
  • Play around with arranging things. Knick-knacks, books, and plants are all things to experiment with and shape into a pretty arrangement. 
  • Look for interesting containers. Instead of just using blah shoe-boxes to contain everything, cover them in pretty paper and use vintage tins and colorful jars to hold smaller stuff. 
I will soon start working on my own workspace, and I will share it with you when it looks nice!
If you have a beautiful workspace, I'd love to see it!

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  1. Ah! These are so beautiful I want to move in right now and live at the desks forever! I can't wait to see yours, darling, I'm sure it's even more inspiring and interesting. xxx


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