Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Springtime Trends!

Hello everybody! Can you believe it's almost spring? I know, me neither, I'm freakin' out! Anyway, now that the weather will be warming up soon, we can all step out of our sweatshirt cocoons and spread our butterfly wings, aka dress nicely! So without further ado, here are the trends I am loving for spring, complete with visuals:  

  • Lacey details, especially on tank tops and dresses. 
  • Maxi skirts, in a big way. I love these things, and I can't wait to wear them all the time!
  • Flowy silhouettes, in shorts, skirts, airy shirts and dresses, and crop tops. 
  • Colors like pink, gold, purple, green, blue, orange, and white. 
  • Studs. I really want some studded things, or maybe I can make some myself. Sounds like a fun project, no?
  • Dip dye denim cutoffs in a rainbow of colors. Also another project to consider!
  • Cute tote bags. Ones with pretty patterns on them!
  • Tie-dye. Tie-dye socks, tie-dye shirts, tie-dye dresses, tie-dye underwear! 
  • Floral crowns and headbands, and flower hair clips and keychains. 

Here is my moodboard for spring style. It's pretty! I can't wait to be able to go to the beach. 

Places To Find These Trendy Items: 
  • For the lacy stuff, check the lingerie/nightgown section of thrift stores, as these things are always cheap and often better than the stuff in regular stores. 
  • Maxi skirts and flowy things can also be found at thrift stores as well as regular stores. Or just check your mom's closet! One of my favorite skirts belonged to a 2 piece set my mom owned. 
  • Studded things, floral crowns, tie-dye, dip-dye cutoffs, and fun tote bags can all be made with creativity and supplies!


  1. I found the most beautiful maxi skirt at the thrift store, but it didn't fit! Thrift stores are so good for trends on a budget! Love this post of inspiration! :)

  2. Lovely colours!


  3. you're absolutely right, these are the spring 2012 trends. love the tie-dyed shorts and studded stuff too, already on my DIY-list!
    xx from germany


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