Wednesday, March 28, 2012

50 More Fun Things!

Here is an addition to my earlier list of 50 Fun Things. Let the fun commence!
  1. Go to the beach. Or creek or river or lake. Water is fun!
  2. Go to a public pool when there aren't many people around, or at night when the lights are on.  
  3. Play music in your bathroom while showering. Now you have something to sing along to!
  4. Try a bunch of new hairstyles. The possibilities you have with access to YouTube and the knowledge of how to braid alone are overwhelming!
  5. Play sardines or hide and seek at night. This is especially fun in a park or a church!
  6. Learn some card tricks and show them off!
  7. Indulge in the Peeps at the drugstore. They are available in pretty much every color now!
  8. Draw a map of a magical, make-believe place. I remember I had to design my own magical place as an assignment in fifth grade after we read Bridge to Terabithia, and I got really into it!
  9. Go to the pet store and look at all the mice and bunnies and birds and fish!
  10. Write down questions you would like to know the answer to, like "What is the difference between a second cousin and a regular cousin?", and then spend a little time with the internet to find the answers! You will feel much more knowledgeable. 
  11. Make a mini-zine about a specific subject, like a friendship with someone else, your life, or plans for the future. 
  12. Make food with a big group. Everything gets done faster, and it's more fun with lots of company. 
  13. Learn to sew. It's really easy, and very enjoyable when you are able to make things and replace old things all by yourself. 
  14. Play darts. It's quite fun, although for safety reasons I might recommend the magnetic board instead of the regular one that involves sharp, pointy objects flying through the air at high speeds. Not such a good idea.  
  15. Start a collection. Whether it's Lip Smackers, ceramic dog figurines, or butterflies, it's fun to have a collection of cool objects!
  16. Music-swap with all your friends!
  17. Have an 80's movie marathon! I suggest Back to the Future, The Breakfast Club, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off just to get you started. 
  18. Drive somewhere new and enjoy the scenery. 
  19. Make s'mores indoors! Turn on your stove and spear a marshmallow on a fork, and your good to go, plus you can warm the chocolate by microwaving it for a few seconds. 
  20. Surprise your friends or family with donuts!
  21. Have a picnic with somebody fun. 
  22. DIY your old t-shirts. 
  23. Got a friend with a truck? Drive somewhere kind of quiet at night and stargaze and have dinner and desert there while you lie in the truck bed!
  24. Play with Shrinky-Dinks. You can make earrings, keychains, and brooches. 
  25. Try writing a short story. Even if it comes out horrible, it's still fun to try!
  26. Make a photo diary. Take a bunch of pictures of a day of adventures with your friends. Even if the photos don't look all artsy, you'll like them because of the memories!
  27. Watch 2012. It is the year of our demise, after all. 
  28. Have a potluck party where all your friends bring a dish. 
  29. Look at the moon through binoculars. You can actually see a lot!
  30. Have a bake sale for charity. Once, my sister, our friends and I did this and we raised over $400.00 for Haiti earthquake relief, plus we got the leftovers!
  31. It's never too early to make your own Halloween costume! 
  32. Or you can just go to a craft store and get a new project to start. 
  33. Start a dream journal and record your dreams from every night. Dreams are a product of the subconscious mind that have meaning both to the conscious mind and in daily life, so they are usually important or are telling you something!
  34. Eat a food of every color for one day. Healthy and delicious (unless you can find donuts with every color of frosting on them...)!
  35. Cut letters out of a magazine or newspaper to create your own anonymous message. 
  36. Change your hair, if you feel so inclined. Get bangs, dye it crazy colors, or chop it all off!
  37. Make a Happy playlist on your iPod consisting only of songs that make you feel like you're bursting with joy. 
  38. Fill up your gas tank, drive, and then turn back when it's half full. 
  39. Visit a National Park if there's one nearby. They're always so beautiful!
  40. Decoupage something
  41. Have a V8 so you don't regret it later. 
  42. Read the palms of your friends!
  43. Write down inspirational quotes that you love and keep them where you can see them. 
  44. Try yoga, there are lots of apps for this, or you can just go to a class.
  45. Jump rope while watching TV! I have a friend whose dad has done this. 
  46. Start a book club. If you have time to read books, this can be a fun thing to look forward to every month!
  47. Get a map and put pins in all the places you want to go. Or, make a goal to visit all 50 states!
  48. Do a cover of a song you love and think you can do well. Then post it and show your friends!
  49. Map out your family tree. Ask your parents and grandparents for what they know about your family history. 
  50. Visit places you've only seen in the daytime at night, they always look so much different.
Go forth, and have fun!


  1. Such a great idea!! Lovely pictures and I love 34, I think I'm going to try it sounds so amazing! Love from germany xx


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