Sunday, February 19, 2012

50 Fun Things!

It's usually around this time of year that I start to get bored, slogging through every day without a drop of enthusiasm. But that's no way to live, life is about having fun! If you find yourself confronted with this problem as well, then you can use the items this list to remind yourself:
  1. Turn up the music and dance! Like no one's watching. In your underwear. To a song that nobody knows you like. You know you want to!
  2. Eat some chocolate! It doesn't have to be a ton, but a bite is good for your soul (and Valentine's Day candy is on sale now)!
  3. Buy some flowers at the store and bring them home. They make everything pretty!
  4. Give yourself a new name and call yourself that for the day. 
  5. Wear your hair a different way! I recently learned how to French braid, so I'm playing around with that. 
  6. Try a new food! I always try every new fruit that comes my way, which I believe is a good policy, since you generally can't go wrong with fruit. 
  7. Play dress up. Even if you simply put on the pretty dress you wore to your cousin's wedding, it still makes you feel like you're 5 again! 
  8. Nutella. Enough said. 
  9. Play with your dog, cat, little sister, or someone else's!
  10. How many times do you look out the window of a car and imagine you're in a movie? Well, now try imagining the other parts of the movie. Imagine the movie is about your greatest triumph, and that you're on your way to somewhere amazing. It's fun!
  11. Organize things by color. 
  12. Jump on a trampoline!
  13. Write a nice letter to your future self. It's interesting, thinking up what to say. 
  14. Better yet, prepare a time-capsule for yourself. Put in artifacts from the current time, recent photos, etc. and have your friends write letters to the future you too! 
  15. Try a new recipe. I made banana pancakes and breakfast cereal bars this weekend, both were really yummy.  
  16. Have a tie-dye party with friends. Have everyone bring some stuff and provide the dye, then do something else while the dye sets. 
  17. Go through a catalog or magazine and draw mustaches and uni-brows on the models. Immature? Yes. Fun? You bet!
  18. Eat cake! Have a cake party and have every guest bring some form of cake. Then, eat it. 
  19. Jump in the ocean, a lake, or a pool while still wearing your clothes. But take your shoes off so you can swim!
  20. Have a colorblind day with your friends where you where the most hideously un-matching outfits you can muster! 
  21. Take pictures of you and your friends in your colorblind outfits, so you can always remember!
  22. Wear a crown or a party hat. 
  23. Wear fuzzy socks and slide around on the wood floors in your house. 
  24. Doodle with markers without having a purpose of drawing any certain thing. 
  25. Make paper mache. My sister makes masks with this stuff!
  26. Make dinner or lunch or breakfast into a grand event. Get out candles, a fancy plate and napkin, and cook up a feast of your favorite foods. Or, make someone else do it! 
  27. Ride your bike around town. 
  28. Invite your friends over and make a short film. 
  29. Have a face-paint party! 
  30. Make nice cards for all your friends and surprise them with niceness!
  31. Go roller-skating at a roller rink! 
  32. Go thrifting! It's fun to shop at stores where you can afford pretty much everything. 
  33. Go to a play or musical at your local theater. Dress up for the occasion!
  34. Become penpals with a faraway friend or cousin, or find someone you don't already know through the internet. Worth a try, right?
  35. Dye your hair with Kool-Aid!
  36. Eat Oreos with peanut butter, it's so delicious!
  37. Paint your sneakers or draw on them. 
  38. Skateboard, or learn how!
  39. Watch a comedy and laugh until your eyes fall out. I suggest Napoleon Dynamite, Mean Girls, Yes Man, or really anything with Jim Carrey in it. 
  40. Read How to Not Care What Other People Think Of You and then use your knew knowledge!
  41. Make a flower crown. Do this with your friends and make a party out of it!
  42. Write "Good Luck" or other encouraging phrases on dollar bills and leave them for strangers to find. 
  43. Go to a new restaurant. 
  44. Make a mix CD for your best friend and make a cover. Draw the cover art!
  45. Make donuts! They are really fun and easy to make!
  46. Search up dance or zumba video how to's on YouTube!
  47. Visit the library! My town just got a new one that's all fancy and nice, but even if your library is left over from the 50's, it may still contain good, interesting reads!
  48. Take a bubble bath. And bring a book in with you. And maybe some tea. And chocolate. 
  49. Have a tea party!` And dress up nice. 
  50. Jump on the bed. I promise, it never gets old. Just make sure you don't hit the ceiling! 


  1. This is such a great list.. I love the bubble bath with tea and books suggestion, that's one of the first things I always think to do when I need a break/refresh

    Also, dancing to songs that no-one knows you like? Totally did that on Saturday night.. I believe I was listening to Hanson's MMMBop.. :D

  2. I did almost 5 out of 50 this week.. jumped on a trampoline with D.. made banana stuffed french toast.. ate chocolate and nutella.. just remembered the awesomeness of oreo's and peanut butter.. thanks for the reminder. I haven't tried my hair in a different way but I did try blue eye liner :)

  3. I'm a sucker for lists, so I love posts like this! :)
    Oh boy I would love a face paint party right now!

  4. wow dye hair with kool-aid! lol!
    hope you can join my jewellery giveaway!



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