Friday, February 17, 2012

Creating an Inspiring Workspace

I aspire to have a really beautiful workspace. I always see beautiful examples online and wonder "Why can't my desk look like that?!". Maybe you agree with me and know what I'm talking about. Well, lucky for us, we can have the workspace of our dreams! 

Why It's Important: 

Sometimes it can seem like an inspiring workspace is the last thing to think about. As long as you get stuff done, it's all good, right? Not quite. 
An inspiring workspace is important for several reasons: 
  • It can improve the quality of what you produce. You'll be much more ready to blog/sew/paint or whatever it is you do if you do it somewhere pretty! You'll be willing, and excited, to spend time working on projects in an inviting space.
  • The best work spaces will keep you organized. If you can always find what you need, well, that's a plus! 
  • It will keep you fresh with ideas! If your workspace is visually pleasing, it shouldn't be difficult to gain inspiration from your surroundings. 
Now that we have established how important an inspiring creative workspace is, let's set out to design some! I have some upcoming posts on the subject as I begin to redesign my own workspace.

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  1. I agree with this, my room is not the most conducive to working at all!


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