Thursday, April 26, 2012

Trend I Love: Dip-Dye and Tie-Dye

 I've got the psychedelia bug. I'm in love with dip-dyes and tie-dyes! I just love the bright colors and ombre and spiral patterns that are so popular for spring and summer, and I can't wait to wear them!
Dip-dye, or ombre hair is really cute, I especially love blues and greens for this trend. The popularity of dip-dyed denim shorts is huge, I see these everywhere! Maxi skirts, socks, vests, and tights in ombre patterns are also beautiful, and the range of colors is wonderful!

Everyone's familiar with the old standby - the homemade tie-dye t-shirt. But other items like dresses and backpacks are also showing up in tie-dye patterns. 

All of this has me itching to experiment with home-dying! I'm thinking a dip-dying and tie-dying weekend will definitely do the trick once summer sets in. I have an entire bag of white socks waiting to be dyed, as well as some shorts and a dress. Who knows? I might even dye may hair! In the meantime, I do have a small menagerie of tie-dye to choose from, so I will definitely be rocking this in my outfits this summer. 
Join the Revolution - wear tie-dye!


  1. I love dip-dye too! And all those dip-dye items you put here are so lovely. Especially that 3-colors vest. That is just too amazing to not be owned!

  2. sounds like a fun project =)


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