Monday, June 4, 2012

5 Wonderful Quotes

Happy Monday everyone! This was my last Monday of the school year, I am so happy! I thought I'd cap off the day by presenting a round of five of my favorite quotes, along with pretty pictures and Helvetica Neue font! Soak in the wisdom, my friends:

I think my top favorite is this very last one. Buddha had so much great stuff to say. When I read that life feels like one big adventure. But then, maybe it is, isn't it?
Another one of my most favorites is the one by Dr. Seuss in my bio, but I figured it would be a little repetitive to put it in here too. 
Do you guys have any favorite quotes? 
Any sayings that help you get up in the morning and make you feel better always? 
I'd love to hear them! I'm kind of a quote freak, I just love little bite-sized pieces of wisdom. I have a page devoted to quotes in my ideas journal so I can keep track of them all. 
Hope these inspire you through the rest of your week!

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