Monday, September 24, 2012

Outfit Post: Let's Go Back To The Future

        Dress - Thrifted, Shoes - Payless, Necklace - Gift
       Hey everybody! Isn't this dress awesome? I got it this weekend for a fraction of a dollar at a church flea market this weekend. I love it! It feels very fifties to me, though I'm not sure of its true decade of origin. It also reminds me of the film Back to the Future. I love that movie so much, mostly because of all the fifties cuteness, but also, Michael J. Fox. The reactions I got today varied from "Renaissance" to "Little House on the Prairie", which was kind of interesting, to say the least. Wearing this was an exercise in bravery, since I was kind of afraid what everyone would think, initially. I got over it pretty quick though. I remember a time when if I had seen a girl wearing something like this, I would have stared at her and envied her confidence. It felt nice to have the tables turned for once.
         How are your Septembers going? Mine is great! I'm 17 now, hooray! And so is everyone else (I think half of the people I know were born in September, it's been a hectic month for birthday celebrations). I'm in the thick of college applications right now, and my first one is due on November 1st, so I gotta get cracking! I've been doing lots of art too, because art is fun. Plus, this weekend I earned some community service hours for painting kids' faces. It was really fun, all the kids were so cute, and it was a nice free-draw exercise. Even though it's technically fall, the weather here is still pretty warm. I'm kind of excited for when the temperatures dip, I can't wait to layer! Plus, I'm looking forward to Halloween, pumpkin bread, peppermint hot chocolate, and Christmas music. Good times are ahead for sure!

Also I wanted to share some birthday-related art:
 I made this poster as part of a birthday present for my friend Anisa

Birthday cards for Jennifer and Anisa. 
Note my use of watercolor. I'm getting better!

A t-shirt design I did for my high school. We're the Wildcats :)

Birthday package for Anisa! She's a long-distance friend, so I had to smush her presents into this little box. I made her snickerdoodles, the card and poster you saw, and a tie-dye owl :) I hope she names him  something funny like Robert.
Happy Monday!


  1. Ahhh I love this dress Madeleine!!! I'm so sorry I'm taking so long to get you a belated gift! I have 4 gifts I'm supposed to get for people ;-; I feel so bad! But I promise it will get to you and it will be meaningful!!!

    Also, did you make the Robert reference at the end for me or what... cause... you can't just say that and expect me not to call it out... LOL

    1. Haha maybe ;) and it's okay jennifer you don't have to get me anything! I'm just glad you could come to the party :)

  2. cute dress and good luck with your college applications! oh and the box you sent your friend is lovely, selfmade things are still the best :-)

  3. loving the long plaid dress, you look very cheeky and pretty :)

  4. Loving the plaid dress. I would love to have a vintage power suit in the same plaid because it would be utterly glorious.


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