Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Peek Into My Art 1 Sketchbook

Hello everyone! Happy Thursday! 
Today I'm showing you a glimpse of all the work I did in Art 1. I find it really enjoyable to look back on my old work and see how both my skills and style have evolved since then. Here I have picked out some of my favorite pieces that I did over the course of the year so that you guys can see. They're in chronological order, so it's cool to look at how I improved over the year!
The cover of my sketchbook is pretty much my pride and joy, I love it so much. 

The above drawings were from the beginning of the year when I was just learning to use pen and ink and graphite techniques. Below is one of my first ever tempera paintings!

 This college was supposed to be a commentary on American Society, so I did mine on how Hollywood and the beauty industry prey on the insecurities of young girls to make money. Hence the quote, "America eats its young.". 

The two drawings below are some of my favorite pieces I have ever made, and both were done with Crayola markers. Marker is pretty much my favorite media. That sounds professional. 

 This jellyfish painting was inspired by Finding Nemo and a college letter I had gotten in the mail recently. Jellyfish are really fun to paint!

This painting was done for an assignment using complementary colors and opposites. I used red and green and male and female. I'm really proud of the way their profiles turned out, since profiles are usually really challenging for me to draw, I don't know why!

When I was little, I had a crazy obsession with Monarch butterflies, and lately that obsession has been coming back, this painting is evidence! One of the most fun parts about this painting was mixing all the different colors :) So pretty!

Here's the back of my sketchbook, done up in marker and with pictures of Fall Out Boy, my once-favorite band, the glorious Ellen Page, and two other pretty people who just happened to look nice so i put them on here too. 

 Here's a preview of my most recent project, it's still in progress :)

Also, while we're on the topic of art, I wanted to show you guys my first-ever painting on canvass! It kind of reminds me of "Starry Night". This is also my first work done in acrylic, so it was a learning experience!

 Oh, hey, look at me being all cool with my camera in my room :)

Hope you guys enjoyed my artwork :)

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  1. Really love the concept with the ink drawing!! And the one of the marker sweater, you captured the movement in the individual hair strands very well :)



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