Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Outfit Post: Bittersweet

Shirt- Forever 21, Shorts- DIY, Garters and Stockings- Sock Dreams, and Boots- Target
jyf Hey guys! Today is my first outfit post in about a year, and I'm so excited to do one of these again. I got the garters and stockings in March and I wear them whenever I get the chance. They're really more suited for colder weather but are really nice in the fall, winter, and spring because they keep my legs warm and allow me to wear skirts! I got both from Sock Dreams for a pretty cheap price so if you want some, that's a good place to get them. 
So, how are your summers going? Mine has been fun so far, I got back from Kauai yesterday and it was beautiful! I don't go to school until late September so I still have a lot of time on my hands. I still haven't dyed my hair any colors yet, which reminds me I need to order some hair dye. I met the people who will be my roommates in the fall and they are all really nice, I'm super excited to live at college!
I really want to use this summer to get back into photography and reading, two things I used to really enjoy but haven't done in a while. I could also stand to draw a little more, as I haven't drawn in ages (uh-oh). And of course, I will continue writing and keeping up with my Etsy shop. I got my second order today! Yay! I'm so happy about that, I really hope I can make Good Vibrations Vintage take off :)
Here are some more pictures of the outfit:

My friend Madeline and I made a short video to go along with this outfit, so here it is:

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