Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Playlist

I cannot believe it's already October. I just started classes and it's here already! I'm so excited for Halloween you guys, it's my favorite holiday! What is everyone going as?

Here is this month's mood board and playlist :)

October Playlist

Illmerica - Wolfgang Gartner

Fool's Rhythm - Two Fingers

Lies - Chvrches

Oblivion - Grimes

Drumming Song - Florence + The Machine

Get Some - Lykke Li

Midnight - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Midnight City - M83 

I Melt With You - Modern English

The Promise - When In Rome

Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order

Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode

In September, I: 

Became an adult (!), went to college, made a pillow cover, packed up my stuff, baked things, made mon-ay, started a job hunt at UCSC, made new friends, did sewing projects, visited friends in San Francisco, did a little shopping, read some more things, and wrote some more things.

In October, I will:

Join some extracurricular activities, make more new friends and talk to the old ones, find a job, make some money, draw 3 nice pictures, dress up for Halloween, (maybe) visit home to see my doggies, hit the beach, go rollerskating, focus on classes, and watch a movie or two if I feel luxurious :)

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