Saturday, November 30, 2013

Things I Love...Saturday? Pie and Space Heaters

     Today is the last day of November already, oh my goodness! It is also my last Things I Love Thursday post for the year. Of course I will continue to practice gratitude (as should you!), I will simply no longer be doing so publicly. 
     Hopefully you all had a great Thanksgiving, I know I did! We had a total of five pies at our dessert table, plus lemon bars (which I made from scratch, and oh man were they delicious) and chocolate mousse cake. We had tons of food. I had Thanksgiving with my best friend's family, and since she goes to UCSD it was really awesome to get to see her and hang out with her and her siblings. 
      The other part of my title has to do with the fact that it is freezing in my house since my dad doesn't let us use the furnace until December usually, so I have been saved these last couple days by this little gray space heater that may very well have won a spot in my list of best friends. I also included the above picture because that girl's hair is beautiful! I'm planning on re-bleaching and dying my hair soon, possibly tomorrow, but I'm not totally sure what color yet! 
       Also, Miriam from Miriam versus Monster awarded me the Leibster Award (details coming soon!). Thank you so much Miriam! 

I love... Holidays + Finding awesome art on the internet + Getting enrolled in the class I needed! + Filming a puppet show with my mother, aunt, and sister + Going rollerskating in Santa Cruz for the first time ever! And it was cheap, too + Wearing a giant purple fuzzy sweater + Taking a bath at my house + Burning nice candles that I got as a gift + Getting my makeup done by my sister + Hanging out with my high school friends + The quarter is almost over! + Doing my first-ever Etsy trade! Aww yeah! + The Christmas season is beginning + Realizing how much I've changed since college started + Going on walks + Finding cool gift tutorials on YouTube + Watching movies with my family + Baking things from scratch + Listening to Pandora + Driving my car! + Drinking hot chocolate + Hugs + Playing with my doggies + All my little knick-knacks I keep on my windowsill

This year has been such a great year, and I am so thankful for all the changes and progress I have made towards a positive, productive, creative, and happy life. I feel immensely blessed by all the people I have around me and all the wonderful experiences I've had so far! Thank you, Universe!

Alrighty then, have you joined the gift exchange? No?! Join here!

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