Sunday, December 29, 2013

Be Productively Awesome!

      Hello everyone! I took a little break for the holiday and because I have been very sick (bleck) but I am feeling better now and I am back! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and is ready to get started with the New Year! Today's article is about productivity, just a little something that I felt would be appropriate as 2014 approaches. 

      A little while ago, I was reading an article over at Gala Darling's blog, an interview she did with business guru Jen Dzuira. One of the questions discussed productivity, and Jen said something that really struck a chord for me:

"Basically, only do things that are either productive or awesome. 

It’s the in-between that life is just too short for."

      I immediately just thought, "Wow, I have to use this!". I think this is definitely a good philosophy to apply to your life because it can help you eliminate activities from your life that don't really mean too much to you. If you plan your day with a focus on either being productive or having ridiculous amounts of fun, with no activities which fail to satisfy either criteria, you can be much more selective as well as intentional with your day. 

     Let's say that when you are planning your day, you have two choices. You could stay home and work on your Sociology project, update your Etsy store, and then get comfy in your PJ's, drink hot chocolate, and watch Bob Ross paint, or you could go out to lunch at a mediocre restaurant with people you find mildly annoying. Keeping your new philosophy in mind, obviously you choose the first option. Congratulations! You win! Not only are you more productive, but you put yourself first, got some shit done, and then you watched Bob Ross. 

     As we can see by the scenario outlined above, using this philosophy is actually a great technique for loving yourself and being your own best friend. Being both awesome and productive as much as possible is a win-win situation for you and yourself! I know that I will definitely be applying this to my life as often as possible! This will be a guiding quote as I think about the new year ahead. Jen also had a lot of other excellent things to say about being productive, so I highly suggest checking out the interview. 


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