Sunday, December 15, 2013

Go Makeup Free and Feel Beautiful!

      Wipe off that lipstick, everyone! It's time to really think about our makeup and what it means. One thing I know about makeup is that to really understand why you put it on every morning, you should go without it for a while. Yesterday I wore makeup for the first time in a few months! I've gotten really comfortable with how my face looks when I'm makeup free, and to be honest, I enjoy it! I challenge everyone to go without makeup for at least a week and then see how you feel about it. And to make that challenge a little more bearable, here are a couple reasons that not wearing makeup can be awesome:

- It's easier! You have extra time in the morning when you don't have to stand in front of the mirror to apply your face in the morning. You can actually touch your face without worrying that you'll smudge something! And when you wash your face at night, you have very little cleanup to do. 

- It makes you more comfortable with your actual face. If you see your  bare face each time you look in the mirror, you will get used to it, and maybe even start to love it!

- No one cares whether you're made up or not. Now, I know this sounds a little harsh, but honestly it's true. And if someone does care, they are silly and shallow. I'm sure that anyone you're trying to attract will not care if you give up concealer for a week. Few people think about, look at, or take notice of your face as much as you do yourself. 

      To further my point, let me share my own experience with forgoing makeup. Here are a few pictures, to start us off:

This is a picture of me wearing a lot of makeup - for me, anyway. I usually just wear mascara but here I am also wearing liquid eyeliner, a little blush, and under-eye concealer. 

Here I am wearing nothing but some good ol' chap stick!

      In my opinion, I look great in both pictures. I actually tend to feel more comfortable with a bare face, like in picture two. In high school, I at least wore mascara every day, but I no longer feel that it is necessary for me to feel beautiful. Going without makeup for any period of time makes you appreciate your natural beauty and also makes you more conscious of what you use your makeup for. 

So, ladies, I dare you to go without makeup for a week! 
Do it and tell me what you discover!

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