Thursday, February 20, 2014

Things I Love Thursday: February Edition

     Today I wanted to share what I've been grateful for so far this month. I did Things I Love Thursdays back in November to celebrate Thanksgiving, and I really enjoyed it. I'm thinking of making it into a monthly feature, since I have too much content to post to give it a weekly spot. I really do love making these posts though, because they put me in an attitude of gratitude! 
     Lately I've been really busy. I'm involved in a multicultural club and UCSC's Take Back the Tap campaign, and both have been taking up a lot of my time recently, but I appreciate the opportunities to do stuff. I've been able to hang out with my friends a lot more this quarter, which makes me very happy, and I've also gotten more involved in organizations, extracurriculars, and in our art department. My art class that I'm taking this quarter is really fun and I'm excited to pursue the art major here! 
     I had a really amazing Valentine's Day celebration with my wonderful boyfriend and we exchanged gifts (his were excellent, he liked mine too). We saw the Lego movie and made Mac 'n' Cheese Pizza together and had a great time! I also went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium the weekend before last since they were offering free admission, and my parents let me borrow the car to take two of my roommates down there with me! It was amazing, and I got to see an octopus swimming around! Plus, I saved about $40 on admission fees, and I brought my own lunch, so the only things I had to pay for was $5 for parking! I felt very thrifty. 

I love... Animals of all shapes and sizes, they are amazing + Going to the aquarium for only $5! + All of the amazing things you can find on Pinterest + My amazing, loving, supportive, creative boyfriend + Having access to clean, cheap drinking water on tap + Being able to eat healthily + My parents, whose generosity and love is unfathomable + My best friends + All of my roommates + Living in an on-campus apartment as a first-year + Getting my permission code for my next art class + The scholarship I received + Free milk! + Free food in general! + Snapchat + Having a spare room in my apartment + People making a positive change in the world + Being able to support my friends + The ease of communicating with other people thanks to technology + Doing laundry for free + Looking at and walking through pretty neighborhoods  + My waffle-maker! + Being budget-savvy + My entrepreneurial instincts + My Transformative Action class + Being healthy + Learning new things every day + Watching stuff on Netflix + The fact that you can learn how to do literally anything on YouTube + My sister, who is way cooler than any other fourteen year-old I know + My candle warmer + My Nalgene water bottle + When people recycle things + Hugs and kisses + Mac 'n' Cheese Pizza! + My fuzzy dogs + My Disney VHS collection + Thrift stores + All of my favorite teachers through the years + My amazing and low-maintenance short haircut!

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