Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Links

     Happy last day of April everyone!  Here's a little link list to cap off your month. Enjoy!
I appreciated this list of 40 Things College Girls Need to Be Reminded Of.
The Best of Stefon from SNL will make you laugh so hard.
21 Things Women Need To Stop Doing provides a quick dose of girl power.
Elizabeth at Delightfully Tacky wrote an excellent article about why your femininity is not defined by your body hair. YES!
This video The Story of My Hamster is hilariously philosophical.
This little room tour is making me jealous!
This made me so nostalgic! 50 Things That Look Just Like Your Childhood. They forgot to add in Ring Pops, though.
This interview about Etsy success with Mel Stringer is very helpful!
Rookie did an awesome and awe-inspiring interview with Kelis. Love it!
How to do a DIY Elaborate Pet Photo Shoot! I'm so doing this with my dogs next time I go home!
I have a serious respect for people with watercolor skills like the artist who did this video.

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