Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August Links

Happy August everyone! Let's start off the month with a little linkage!

Danny Brito (and his home [and his Etsy shop]) is amazing! I love finding such creative beings on the Internet. There's a bit of his nail polish collection above!
Tavi's Editor's Letter last month really spoke to me. I suggest reading if you too are sometimes feeling in need of some action!
This road trip photo diary has got me feelin' those wanderlust vibes!
I just read this really awesome and insightful interview with Ana from theskinnyartist, and loved it! I can't believe she's going into her first year of college, that's awesome.

This hair inspiration Pinterest board is awesome. I feel motivated to care about my hair for once!
Wow! 20 Signs you're succeeding at life! You might be :)
Sophie McMahan's art is vintage-y awesomeness! And she has an Etsy shop!
This article, Why I Bought A House in Detroit for $500, is both very inspiring and very real. Excellent.
This Etsy shop, full of witchcraft supplies, is pretty cool. I've always found witchcraft interesting.
How to put on your face by Anna Akana is an awesome video :)

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