Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New Year's Resolutions 2015

      Hello my beautiful friends, today I am sharing something long overdue: my New Year's resolutions! In truth, it always takes me a while to put them together as well as to really test them out, so as to ensure that they truly reflect my needs, desires, and dreams for the coming year. With each passing  year my resolutions also become more of a living document, since the year often brings changes, and my resolutions need to adapt to those. For more of my own advice on writing New Year's resolutions and really just on forming goals in general, see my article How to Set Cool Goals!
     Now, without further ado, here are my resolutions for 2015:

Self Love
  • Speak up for myself more often (communicate my needs)
  • Listen to myself and discover my needs and wants (work on this once a week)
  • Live by the Four Agreements
  • Be dessert free unless I bake it or it’s a special occasion
  • Exercise everyday in a proactive way (running, dancing for over 45 minutes, a PE class, workouts, or a hike)

Time Management (an addition to the Self Love Category)
  • Work on my own personal development and have more me time (an hour and a half every day)
  • Do homework (including all reading) and Take Back the Tap stuff everyday 
  • Use my planner and schedule every day 
  • Consider summer travel and internship options

Fun Stuff
  • Get involved with the Kresge Garden (take Garden Internship)
  • Figure out my major
  • Do 12 things on the bucket list: 1 a month
  • Go to Maui for spring break!


  • Save $2,500 
  • Keep track of my budget every month
  • Make $300 from my Etsy shop in profit by the end of the year (keep track of expenses and gains on a spreadsheet)(that’s $25 a month)
    Nothing terribly interesting or exciting (although I am pretty stoked to go to Maui, I found out I'm going for sure yesterday!). Mostly I'm just focusing on promoting and developing habits that are more conducive to a good and productive life. This, as it turns out, is an integral part of the mini-adult stage of life I currently find myself in. As you can see, I broke things up into categories, something that really helps me organize my thoughts when I'm setting goals. Try it! It may help you as well! 
    As I mentioned before, these resolutions are ultimately a draft, growing and changing with me as the year progresses. I will be chronicling the adventures and outcomes of these resolutions, so stay tuned! Good luck to you in the New Year!

Photo by Susan Blase

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