Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summertime Link List!

     Heyo friends, here's a link list to get y'all started off right with some summer daze-inducing web-surfin' goodness. Confession: I've actually been working on this list for months. I don't really surf the web that much! But here is what I've found, so enjoy!

F Yeah Basset Hounds! is the freakin' cutest tumblr I've ever seen!!

- This Gilmore Girls-inspired reading list is awesome! (Totally watching it on Netflix right now)

- Guys, I'm pretty sure I'm an Anarchist Communist. Alright!

- Read a little folklore/history from Summit, the place I grew up!!

School's Out Forever by Tova on Rookie is a radical article about the author's story of deciding to leave high school. I love how she talks about self-teaching and learning resources! Makes me wish I'd left high school.

- Gala Darling's article Plug Into Your Weirdness is the most YESSSS thing I have read in a while. Who cares what other people think! Be you!!

- The artist Alejandro Duran creates art pieces from trash that washes up on the shores of Mexico's tropical reserve Sian Ka'an. The results are beautiful and frightening.

- Would you attend the College of Wizardry? Sounds way too fun!

- Isabel Hendrix is a badass self love superhero (among other things) and I love her blog! Check out her self-love tips.

- I love Cait's blog, it's all about minimalism! I can't stop reading her articles. My favorites are her story of letting go of 60% of her stuff and an article about her year-long shopping ban!

- The Best Song Ever is a comic on Rookie that I love reading. So many cute feels :)

- This video of 17 different British accents performed by one woman is mind-boggling. I never knew there were so many!

- Some Pinterest boards I've been enjoying lately include Dulce's, Alannah Grace's, and Gala Darling's. Great blogs = great Pinterests.

Calliope Bridge's talent is beautiful and awe-inspiring!

- I really enjoy Liz from Delightfully Tacky's Remix Archives series! It's nice to see someone advertising the fact that they wear their clothes more than once. She also does a Remixology series, which is along the same lines.

- This article on Urban Agriculture in the Bay Area is super inspiring. And local :)

- That article also mentions the Institute of Urban Homesteading. I sure would like to pay that place a visit!

- I found some awesome re-fashion blogs! Refashionista, Charity Shop Chic, and sew Amy sew all make me want to refashion my thrift store finds ASAP!

- Have you heard about the one person town in Nebraska?

- Look at these beautiful oil paintings of Disney princesses. Mulan is my fave.

- Speaking of princesses, Rejected Princesses is the coolest site ever, dedicated to historical women too badass to ever be cast in their own disney movie. This entry on Osh-Tisch (which means Finds Them and Kills Them in Crow) is about a Two Spirit shaman war hero from the Crow tribe! Awesome!

- Take Back Halloween is a site made to combat the whole "sexy kitty cat" trend prevalent in women's Halloween costumes. Lots of great ideas! Their about page is awesomely inspiring!

- Fairy Home on Etsy sells some of the zaniest, most interesting home decor I've seen in a while. This gives me some great DIY ideas :)

- An art student named Kate Powell was able to develop a huge social media following in high school. Her work is beautiful!

- The way this girl deals with man spreading is the literal best!!

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