Friday, January 27, 2012

Love List

Here are ten things I've loved lately! Soak up the love :)

1. Oh So Lovely Vintage is one of the cutest blogs I have seen yet! I love it!!
2. This beautiful outfit post at Sea of Shoes! Gotta love Jane's style! 
3. 5 Tips on Food Photography at A Beautiful Mess! I always admire the photography on baking blogs, so this is a good read! 
4. In Praise of Calling it Quits by Gala Darling. All of her articles are amazing, but this one in particular. 
5. This recipe for Cinnamon Roll Bundt Cake is absolutely delicious! My sister is obsessed, she always celebrates when I make it!
6. Pictures of high school fashion in 1969! Very interesting to see what's changed, and what hasn't. 
7. gURL Guide to Zine Making! I am looking into zine making right now, because I'd really love to make one or be a part of one.
8. Florence + the Machine's new album Ceremonials is so good! I got it for Christmas and I've been listening to it nonstop. 
9. Creature Comforts has been one of my favorite blogs for a while, and it is so cute and colorful!
10. I found the Color Palette Generator and the Color Scheme Designer through Creature Comforts, and they are really fun to play around with! 

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