Saturday, May 12, 2012

Outfit Post: Road Trip

Hello Everybody! Here is my second ever outfit post! I'm not really going on a road trip, but that's my car in the picture! It's my favorite color :)These were taken at my friend's house, since I don't have a real curb to speak of like the one in the picture. The jean jacket is my mom's from the 80's and whenever I wear it I feel like I'm Marty's girlfriend in Back to the Future! I took my AP history test yesterday, so now I'm all done with that, hooray! Now I just have to do all my end-of-year projects. Yay. I can't believe it's almost summer, it's amazing how time flies. 
Happy Saturday!


  1. really love this look:-) and u're right, the time flies! x

  2. Love the floral and denim together! You are so pretty!

  3. great outfit :)
    love the denim ♥

  4. Those colors look great on you!

  5. Love that dress!
    It really feets you nicely
    I love it!!



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