Thursday, May 17, 2012

Creating An Inspiring Workspace III

Finally, the story continues! To see parts I and II, click on the links. Today I am finally showing you my own workspace. Although humble in comparison to the photos I shared in those earlier posts, this is where the magic happens! 

And After!: 
I put up mood boards to showcase my monthly inspiration. I took the black and white photo!

I also displayed my painted animals and other knick knacks for prettiness. 

And I organized all my things into boxes and such :) Mainly I needed to de-clutter, but by incorporating the three factors of organization, accessibility, and prettiness, I created a better workspace for myself! Now let's just hope it stays this neat. 
I encourage you guys to redecorate your own workspaces, it will revamp your creativity, I promise!
Happy Decorating!


  1. Thats looks great! I love your mood boards! Very creative! I have a desk from ikea which has a magnetic board attached, and I put up some pictures and motivational quotes, and they really do help! Great blog btw xx

  2. Love this post! It really is inspires me, my work space definetly could use a little revamping! :)

  3. mmmm all of this is so great. I love this and it's inspiring. I need to get up and revamp my room/workspace as well! this is cool and looks very very nice :)

  4. Oooh this is so pretty! I wish my workspace looked like that!


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