Sunday, June 24, 2012

Inspiration is Everywhere

With the Internet around, no one has an excuse not to be inspired. Ever. 
There are so many websites that are chock-full to the brim with inspiring art pieces, photographs, films, products, outfits, and music. But, where can you find all this stuff? 
Here's where! 

Collage by Beth Hoeckel
1. Pinterest. Pinterest is a great place to both find and catalogue your inspiration. You can save it onto different boards with a similar theme, so every picture is categorized and saved if you want to refer to it later! I discovered Beth Hoeckel's collages through Pinterest and I have found a new idol! 

Rope necklace from Etsy
2. Etsy.  Etsy is full of great products and pretty things! If you like the idea behind a product and think you could try to make it, you can save it to your favorites, keeping the idea with you. If you just like the product, you can save it to your favorites to come back to it or buy it! Either way, you win!

Illustration by Nancy Zhang
3. Blogs.  While this one is a bit less succinct because not all blogs are contained at one site, it is definitely worth checking out other people blogs, there is some cool stuff out there. Super-inspiring blogs that I love include: Nancy Zhang's blog (link above), my friend Jennifer's blog, Art in Our Blood,  A Beautiful Mess, Gala Darling, Late Afternoon,  and Tavi Gevinson's Blog.

Outfit from Chloe T on Lookbook

4. Lookbook. This site is really nice because it's purely dedicated to fashion inspiration and street style. It's really easy to find people whose styles you admire a lot and keep track of all your favorite outfits. Eventually, some inspiration has to rub off on you, and you will be dressing awesomely before you know it! 

5. Craftgawker.  Crafters, be warned. This site has about a billion awesome DIY ideas from all over the internet. It is dangerously addictive. I find it extremely satisfying to scroll through all the ideas, saving the one I like the most to my favorites. With this many ideas at your fingertips, you will never get bored. I've already made multiple DIY's!


  1. such lovely pictures! nice inspiration

  2. I love craftgaker! Loooove those flowers too. :)


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