Friday, June 29, 2012

Outfit Post: Sea of Flowers

Hi everybody!
Here is an outfit post from my friend's birthday party on the beach, which was also hippie themed (so of course there had to be outfit pictures!)

So I moved in to AAU last week on Friday! It is so amazingly wonderful! It's fantastic to live in the city and have everything be right outside the front door especially since I live in a rural area where that is definitely not the case. I feel inspired to do creative things 24/7. The classes I'm taking are so engaging and interesting, and the people are so cool and friendly! 
Do you guys like my flower crown?
I made it myself using my friend Jennifer's tutorial (photo cred also goes to her!), which I will be sharing with you in an upcoming post! Also, the maxi skirt used to be my mom's. There's actually a matching button-down that goes with the skirt (it's from the 90's), but I decided to leave that bit at home. This is one of my favorite skirts ever, and it was free :)
So how are your summers going ladies? July's just around the corner! 

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