Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fall Trends!

I know that this is a little premature, but we do all need to bring ourselves to realize the fact that autumn is approaching, and with a new season, comes new styles. Here I am sharing the styles that I find most appealing for the upcoming winter/fall season. I'm focusing on two aspects of trends, the witchy, goth vibes and vintage, cheesy, happy go-lucky styles. Enjoy!

  • Retro-kitschy vibes 
  • Polka-dots and other interesting and unique prints. I love that cat-print skirt!
  • Bright colors like reds, golds, oranges, blues, darker greens, and black and white contrast

  • Feminine touches in accessories like bows and glitter
  • Unique, vintage items, like those strawberry earrings!
  • Floral details
  • Flats and low-heeled shoes

  • Emphasis on details such as collars, bows and buttons
  • High necklines
  • Lacey, vintage touches
  • Darker colors like grays, blacks, purples, blues, greens, and reds

  • Witchy and magical folklore inspired accessories and jewelry
  • Tights and thigh-high socks
  • Woolen and knitted textures
  • Unique items with references to nature and magic

Here is my mood board for fall style. I am focusing on both retro and witchy vibes for this season, but both have a very benevolent and vintage feel. This season dressing will be a lot about the colors in each outfit, as my coming outfit posts will show you! I'm especially enjoying the prevalence of red and blue colors, and for this season, darker colors will be more important than the pastels of spring and summer. 

Places to find items like these:
  • Thrift stores! I cannot stress the importance of thrift stores in this case. Unique items are especially important this season, and what better place to get them?
  • For items like socks and tights, I suggest looking at ASOS, they have a nicely priced selection
  • For trendier items like polka-dots, look at Forever 21
  • Shopping on Etsy or eBay can always yield some interesting finds!
So, now that you've seen my favorites, what trends are you favoring for fall?


  1. this is cool! my fall trends? errm has to be big knitted jumpers (as always), biker boots and the colours bordeux, military green, grey, black 'n white. there's so much i need/want.. x

  2. oh i love them all!!


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