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Improve Your Wardrobe!

Elle Ribera from Opium Poppies
 The other day I was going through all my clothes and I noticed that I had a lot stuff that I had bought fairly recently. I went through my closet and discovered that about 75% of my clothes were bought or otherwise acquired within the last year. That's crazy! That basically means that my style completely changed - and my wardrobe along with it. These changes were definitely for the better, and I basically overhauled my wardrobe to contain a bunch of stuff that I love, without even knowing it.
Would you like to overhaul your wardrobe? Good, 'cause that's what this post's about!
Here are some tips: 

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 When you are shopping, buy what you love. This may sound exceedingly simple, but trust me, it can be tough to let yourself spend money on certain clothes because you're afraid of what other people will think if you wear them. A super important part of improving your wardrobe is to let your true style show through. Then when you are shopping, you can allow yourself to buy whatever you want. Acquiring lots of clothes that you is a key part of improving your wardrobe.

Once you have bought what you love, you will have lots of clothes. It's time to let some of them go. Cull your closet of all the things that your new, more stylish clothing has taken priority over. If you haven't worn something in a long time, if it's ugly, ill-fitting, or just not your thing, get rid of it. This can take up to a day, depending on how many clothes you have, but get it done, it's worth it. Once you've decided what you don't want, you can donate to Goodwill or host a swap party!

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Track your style. Although you have a great, new and improved wardrobe, that doesn't mean your style won't change. I find that it's really helpful to take outfit pictures and keep track of what tastes I'm leaning towards through my Lookbook account. By doing this, you can learn what to look for next time you go shopping that you will enjoy the most after purchasing, and you can also learn what to dispose of based on what styles you're growing away from. 

Look for what you will like in a variety of places. When I was 14, the only store I really shopped at was Forever 21, and while that store is good, it doesn't give you quite the variety you need for a good wardrobe. Good places to look for clothes and accessories that I like are: ASOS, Urban Outfitters (they're pricey though), and eBay. I also get a lot of my clothes at thrift stores and local swap meets, and I trade with my friends and DIY shorts and t-shirts. If you get creative, you can whip a wardrobe you love out of anything! 

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