Friday, August 10, 2012

Love List: DIY Edition

Hi there! It's been forever since I did a Love List, so here is my first one in a very long while. Today's love list is composed entirely of DIYs that have been tried and tested by me, so you know they're good. Some of them you may have already seen featured here before, others, maybe not. 
Well, here you go!
The tissue paper flower tutorial I used to build my own poppy tutorial was immensely fun and well-written.

After learning to make hair bows with this tutorial, I have made about 50 (they're so fun!).

In sophomore year I made my own lunch bag, as well as a few for some of my friends using this tutorial.
Having never made a friendship bracelet before, I was extremely excited to find this super easy tutorial. 

I also learned how to the blanket stitch using this set of instructions. 

Learning the blanket stitch then helped me create these super cute mittens!
Last year for my Halloween costume I stitched myself a cape (I was Red Riding Hood). It turned out really cool, thanks to this tutorial
I made my very own flower crown using my friend Jennifer's tutorial!

And finally, I made lip balm from Vaseline and Kool-Aid with this tutorial. 
I think I might do a post where I share what my DIYs look like after using these tutorials. 
If you do any of these, feel free to share!
Happy crafting, my friends!
Edit: This is my 50th post on Good Vibrations. Yay! 


  1. Make me something oh talented Madeleine!!!

  2. Those flowers are just so pretty! Love these DIY's!


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