Wednesday, May 15, 2013

One Cool Chick: Saoirse A.

Hey guys, last week I asked my friend Saoirse (Seer-shuh) if she'd like to be interviewed for Good Vibrations, and I am so happy she said yes. I've known Saoirse since freshman year of high school and have always admired her artistic abilities and sense of style. In addition to what you will see here, Saoirse also does lots of really cool art, writes rad poetry, and even sings and plays guitar. Call her a jack-of-all-trades. Alright, enough from me, here's what Saoirse had to say:

What do you like to do or create?
I like to take photos (I use both my Nikon D3100 and my grandpa's old canon SLR, and I have 30+ more throwaway 120 and 35mm cameras), take video, write sad-boy poetry, paint, draw, make patches, or combine all of the above into zines sometimes! Right now I'm working on a mural.

What do you do for fun? 
When I'm not hanging out with wonderful sick-ass people I like grabbin' coffee and writing excessively in my journal, or scavenging at Happy Dragon or like, Saver's, because I'm cheap.

What do you draw inspiration from?
Documentaries, pastel colors, Ashli Wood's writing (I highly recommend buying her poetry zine), On the Cusp writing zine, the bay area punk scene, this person named Anya's art, I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith, Harold & Maude, The Pleasure of Being Robbed (which more people should really check out on Netflix because it's so aesthetically pleasing) and old buildings. 

How would you describe yourself?
Too loud or too happy or too sad or too anxious and never really balanced all the way so all of that excess energy bleeds into everything and I end up perpetually doing too many things at once, at a constant rate. 

What are some things you believe in?
Documenting everything. If I go somewhere without my sketchbook, or my journal, or a camera it's almost a waste of time. I hate forgetting things I've done.

What are you going to study in college/ what career path will you pursue?
I'm going to San Francisco State to (attempt to) double-major in Creative Writing and Illustration, I want to eventually set up writing workshops for kids. I love kids! And bees!

I asked Saoirse to share some photos that represent her creative work and style, and here's what she had to show us: 

Are you a cool/interview-wrthy person? I'm looking for more people to interview, so if you feel like you might be down, check the "About Me" tab up top for my email address and hit me up!

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