Sunday, June 30, 2013

One Cool Chick: Maddy F.

Hey everyone, today I have another installment in my Cool Person Series! This is by far one of my favorite features on this blog, and I highly suggest reading the other articles if you missed them!
Today's cool person is Maddy F., a girl who I went to high school with, back in the day (like, until a month ago). I never really got to know Maddy very well but she always made an impression on me with her personal style when I saw her around school, so I used this interview as a chance to learn a little more about her. I also recently discovered her fashion blog, Sleeping Plum, and I found it extremely inspiring, go and have a look-see! Her responses to the interview questions are awesome and entertaining, so dive in!
1.What do you like to do or create?
 My favorite things to do currently are styling outfits and just making things very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Obviously styling goes hand in hand with shopping, but on a high-schooler’s budget, I mostly shop at thrift stores. I have become a “regular” at the Salvation Army in Gilroy, and also end up shopping around at the outlets a lot.
2. What do you do for fun? 
Well I have a huge obsession with corgis, so I spend a lot of time looking at pictures of corgis online. I am a big lover of Sci-fi shows like Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Warehouse 13, and Being Human, so I am on Netflix a lot. When I am not being anti-social, my friends and I like to get out of our little town and take the train up to San Francisco. Last summer we saw Dr Dog play a free concert at the America’s Cup, and also went to Outside Lands Music Festival. My favorite activity though, has to be sunbathing while eating popsicles and listening to the Nerdist podcast in my pajamas.
3. What do you draw inspiration from?
 The 50’s, pop art, new science discoveries, crazy prints, Carman Miranda, the Kennedy Death scandal era, buddhist culture, old comic books, people watching, donuts and various other pastries, Victorian jewelry, ballerinas, Johnny Cash & June Carter, open fields with wild flowers, and old cities with neat architecture.
4. How would you describe yourself?
 A tomgirl who turned into a girly girl but actually hates girly girls. I think I am a push over and I get distracted very easily which makes it hard to be good at one thing. I like to try new things and like food and most people that I get to know, but I hate cucumbers, when people cry or throw up, and when people are stupid.
5.What are some things you believe in?
 I am very open about being an extreme Atheist, but I guess that's something I don’t believe in. I believe that all people should learn basic table manners and how to say please and thank you or else they should be left on a deserted island until they do.
6.What are you going to study in college/ what career path will you pursue?
Currently I am looking at schools in New York, or LA because that is where I could get a job and would ultimately want to live. I am hoping to get a degree in Design or Curation but I am not too sure in exactly what I want to do. My dream occupation would to be a stylist for the Stars, or a curator at a big museum.

I asked Maddy to share some photos which showcased her personal style, and this is what she had to show us: 

Thank you, Maddy!

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