Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gift Exchange Parte Deux: What We Got In The Mail!

Hi everyone! As you may know, a little while ago I organized a summer gift exchange and today I am reporting on the packages of magic my mother, sister, and I received in the mail!
Above is the package which was sent to me by an awesome person named Miriam (yes, she has a blog, go read it!) from the Netherlands! She sent me several awesome postcards, a page of her favorite poetry and quotes, a handmade mint green hair bow (!), a handmade octopus journal with a little goodie on every page, and an amazing two page letter which was a great read and made me feel cool :)
Thanks, Miriam!

My friend Carson sent my sister Olivia (who has a beauty channel on YouTube!) an extensive gift package which included cookies shaped like the Avengers, a mix CD, a journal, a rubber ducky (my sister has a huge collection of these), a mini Rubix xube, two bouncy balls, hair ties, earrings, hair accessories,  a bracelet, a bookmark, a paddle-ball thingy, and a perfume sample! Olivia proceeded to eat all the cookies in the span of 24 hours. Thank you, Carson!

My mother received a package from Irini, who is also from the Netherlands and seemingly somehow related to Miriam. She sent my mom three beautiful postcards, a bracelet, a keychain, a bookmark, and a lovely card. Thank you, Irini!

I sent this package to Carson, which included an orange candle, two flower hair clips, a small card, some coconuty lotion, minty green socks, a handmade pink velvet owl I made, and a photo of her I took a while back. All of this was enclosed in the package to the left, which I made using an old grocery bag, a sewing machine, and some markers!
Carson is quite pleased with the owl, I hope she names it something cool. 

To those of you who participated in the gift exchange, thank you, this was a lot of fun! If you have photos of what you received that you would like to share, send 'em to! Thanks!

I was so pleased with how this gift exchange went that I am considering making this a regular feature on my blog. M

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  1. We just received your package! Thanks a lot (from Irini too -she's my sister), we really love all the beautiful things that were inside the package! xxx Miriam and Irini


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