Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall Trends

 It's almost officially fall, and although I've yet to feel a chill in the air, I thought it was time to do my autumn trends post! This season I'm focusing on three things: bright, rich colors, textures like flannel, velvet, and denim, and special details like buttons, patches, ribbons, pockets, and collars. 
I went into Forever 21 recently to do a bit of back-to-school shopping, but nothing there really impressed me. I've begun to wish for clothes with more texture and detail that won't fall apart so easily, and that's a lot of what this season's about for me. I also think that this season has a big emphasis on uniqueness, as we move away from the pastels, chiffons, and laces that were popular in recent seasons. 

  • Well made items 
  • Shades of deep greens, reds, blues, and purples
  • Plaid, velvet, flannel, and yarn textures
  • Embroidery, patches and iron-ons, pockets, and some lace accents
  • Bows and scrunchies as hair accessories. 
  • Themes referencing nature like floral embroidery or print and nature-themed jewelry

This is my mood board for fall style. 
I'm trying to emphasize the mystery and creepiness that come sin October but also cozy indoor vibes. 
I love autumn because it gives me a chance to settle inside with some blankets and write in my journal and think of new ideas and read books and drink hot chocolate and draw new masterpieces. Fall brings me a lot of creative energy, which I'm really looking forward too. 
I think I'll be going thrifting even more this season, since I want uniques items and I'm tired of trying the same looks as everyone else. I'll also be shopping online on Etsy and ebay to find some interesting pieces. 

Do you have any particular style direction in mind for fall? 
I love to hear about other people's personal styles :)

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