Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Art Journals!

Hey everyone, today we're talking about art journaling! A long while back I did a post about journals/notebooks and their importance. This post is a follow up to that, only it's about infusing art into those! I am notorious for keeping many notebooks at once, (I have about 16, filled and not yet full), but that doesn't even count my sketchbook collection. I've kept many for a long while (being an art student, it's rather unavoidable), but I just recently stumbled across this collection of art journal pages by Alannah. I am completely in love with and totally inspired by what she does! I absolutely love the colors, textures, and different images and elements she incorporates into her pages. Please look through her stuff!
Look at all the different materials she uses. I love it! I have a couple old books that I use too, as well as old magazine images and old photos from when I was little or before I was born. I also use receipts and tickets stubs and markers. Anything goes!
This frenzy of inspiration inspired me to make a few pages in one of my own art journal type notebooks. Here they are:

The person in the red shirt is a picture of my mom from the 80's. 

What do you guys think? Do they look artsy? This are journal is contained in an old easy-readeer copy of Robinson Crusoe that I got for free at a community swap meet. I like using it for the illustrations and the old yellowy look of the pages. 

This is another one of Alannah's pages. I love the idea of putting little envelopes in and filling them with things, I definitely want to make a page like that. 
For additional inspiration, you can look at my Pinterest board Art Stuff, where you can find more art journal pages. There are a lot of boards out there dedicated specifically to art journaling too, including Alannah's own. Daisy Yellow offers tons of prompts to give you inspiration for pages, and this article at Rookie about journaling and sketchbooks is also an inspiring read.

So what do you think? Ready to start art journaling? 
I am :)

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