Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why Gratitude Rocks

I am grateful for the existence of this puppy. 

Today, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we are going to discuss gratitude. Gratitude, according to many experts, is a key to feeling happier, healthier, and generally just better. So, basically, gratitude rocks, we've got that part out of the way. But how can we incorporate it into our daily lives? 
Well, as you might have expected, I have a few ideas.

- Keep a gratitude journal. I keep one on the Notes app in my phone and I try to update it every morning. I do my gratitude in the morning because it makes me more positive about the day ahead of me. However, you can do this any time of day you choose, so long as you remember it. 

- Stop and smell the roses. That expression is tried and true. Don't forget about all the wonderful little things in your life. Look around you and appreciate the trees, flowers, windows, buildings, blankets, pillows, or whatever surrounds you. Take things in and notice all the good stuff.

- Take a walk. Even just a short, ten-minute walk is enough to relax you and help you appreciate your life more and clear your head. Plus, a little bit of exercise!

Now, to borrow from one of my favorite bloggers, Gala Darling, I am writing a Things I Love Thursday List! You can check hers out here

Things I Love Thursday: Shorts in November!

I'm grateful for pie. 

The weather here has been amazing during the day, considering the fact that it's November. I've been wearing shorts and skirts for the last couple days! Today I had my first and last midterm this quarter, boy am I glad I got that over with. I'm extremely excited for Thanksgiving, I can't wait to eat all the food and see my high school friends! 
I'm really enjoying life right now, college is great. It's better than high school in every single way. Lately I've been going out to eat a lot and having lots of sleepovers, which are always fun. And life will be exponentially better now that I no longer feel compelled to study every minute of my life. We've decorated our living room with lights and drawings and it looks so nice. I also really love having a kitchen and just living away from my parents in general. Not that my parents aren't great, I was just ready to live without them. 
I will soon be hosting a Holiday Gift Exchange, so keep an eye out for that and please participate!!


I love... Blankets and pillows + Cuddling + Gift exchanges + Nice weather + Rain + Wind + Storms + Sandwiches + Love + Music + Youngblood by The Naked and Famous + YouTube + Google Drive + My sketchbook + My roommates, Carina and Sam + My housemates, Grace, Rachel, Sapphire, Sammy, and Amanda (it's a big apartment) + Finishing homework ahead of time + Being ahead on projects + Good ideas + Showers + Baths + Lotions + Baking cookies with someone who loves you + Pictures of puppies and bunny rabbits + Tumblr + Mascara + Not wearing makeup + Not wearing a bra + Friends + Hair dye + The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin + Scary stories + Bookstores + Libraries + Meeting new people + Being super productive + Beds (hence the above picture) + Disposable cameras + My Nikon + Cold medicine + Friendly people + Candle warmers + Wearing an awesome outfit + Fuzzy sweaters + Purple and blue clothing + Thrift stores + Redwood trees + Cookie butter from Trader Joe's + Trader Joe's + My Docs + The boardwalk + My upcoming Holiday Gift Exchange!!


And here is a gratitude prompt for you:
What are you most excited for this month?

I will be doing this ever Thursday for the rest of the month, and I invite you to join me! Send me a link of your Things I Love Thursday and I'll share it here :)

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