Monday, December 9, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide 2013!

Hello everyone! Today I'm sharing my gift guide (actually it's sort of part gift guide and part wish list). Almost of the gift you see below can be found on Etsy, bought from small businesses, or found in thrift stores, in keeping with my post last week. I've also included some DIY opportunities for those who are planning to get crafty this Christmas. I hope these suggestions are helpful! 

- A candle warmer and wax tarts. Candle warmers are awesome because they don't have a flame and they emit a really powerful and delicious smell, as well as giving off pretty lights. They're very decorative and you can get all kinds of scents of wax tarts to melt, just look at the selection on Etsy!

- Notebooks or journals. Anyone who knows me well knows I love any kind of journal, notebook, or sketchbook! I'm especially loving notebooks with blank pages instead of lined pages because they allow you so much freedom. Give a nice notebook to the writer or artist in your life. 

- A pretty houseplant. I love the color selection of little mini cactuses! Succulents in general are excellent because they are low maintenance and there are lots of different shapes, colors, and varieties to choose from. 

- Whipped soap or body butter. Give your friend, mom, aunt, or sister a sweet treat for her skin. I absolutely love the texture and luxury of whipped soap, just look at all the options on Etsy! I especially love the chocolate whipped soap from Fairy Bubbles, it looks, feels, and smells just like chocolate mousse! You can also treat them to some nice body butter. This Cake Batter body butter sounds perfect!

- A pretty art print. Get your friend something pretty to decorate their wall! My favorite Etsy artists include Ola Liola (who did the print shown above), Katie Daisy, Berkeley Illustration, Tamara Lichstein, and Yellena James

- Awesome socks! Treat your friend to some neat socks. Whether they are knee-highs, tie-dyed, crazy colors, funny patterns (my roommate got me cheese-patterned socks for Christmas), or boot cuffs, socks are a great and fun accessory and everyone will appreciate some in the winter. One of my favorite sources for socks of all kinds is Sock Dreams, check 'em out!

- Books! There are excellent used book shops where you can get books for cheap, and books are an excellent gift because there is a book out there for just about anybody. Look in your town for a used book shop or hit up the book section of your local thrift store. 

- Food. Make or buy your special person their favorite food(s). You can get food off of Etsy (just look at that selection!) or buy from cool food stores. I know Trader Joe's and Cost Plus World Market have neat, cute foods (like Cookie Butter!), and you can also DIY it by baking up a storm of tasty treats in your very own kitchen. 

- A flower crown. Give your friend a reminder of spring by making them a beautiful flower crown. You can also get one on Etsy, I know Girl With A Flower makes some really elaborate, beautiful ones. 

- A nose ring! Or lip ring, or a variety of ear piercings. Curly Cuffs on Etsy makes fake piercings for all of these areas. If you have a friend who has mentioned getting a piercing, get them one of these so they can try it out!

- A fancy rave bra! DIY one for any of your rave-girl friends or whoever appreciates a pretty bra once in a while. You can also buy one from Bloomin Boobies on Etsy

- Homemade candles! I saw Lisa Pullano's DIY No Wax Candles video the other day and thought it seemed like a great idea! I'm thinking about making some for gifts, and so should you!

Some other noteworthy and very gift-able DIYs include:
- DIY Cake Stand for friends who like to bake 
- DIY Wand for any Harry Potter fan!
- DIY Lipstick (my sister tried this, and it works pretty well!), and DIY Cream Blush if you have any beauty junkie friends

If you are still lacking in gift ideas, check out Gala Darling's Gift Guide, it's quite excellent. If you also need gift wrapping ideas, I'm sure surfing these Pinterest boards can help. 
Good luck in giving!

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