Friday, January 10, 2014

I Want to Interview You!

Hello there everyone. As you may know, I run a Cool Person Series on my blog here. Well, I would love, love, LOVE to interview some internet people! I would be so happy to interview girls or guys, I just love the interviewing process and getting to know more about the awesome people who are out there. 

So, here is my request:

     If you are a girl or guy and you think you would like to be interviewed, please email me at! 

I will send you a few questions and ask for some photos that display your personal style and any creative work that you might do. If you aren't creative in a visual/artistic way, that's ok! I just want to meet new people and introduce them on here. I would love to interview any of my followers, because I don't know too much about you guys except that you like my blog, so please contact me if you think you'd be interested and let your friends know about this too. Thank you!

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